Nucleus Portland


November 8 – December 1, 2020

Reception: Nov. 8 / 4 - 7 PM

In a culture that often puts emphasis on getting all things bigger or in large amounts beholds a surprising truth that an emotion or physiological reaction can come from something so tiny. While psychedelics are commonly connected with the term Microdose, the title does not necessarily suggest this theme or specific use of imagery or colors — it is to be interpreted by the artist. 

 Dos Diaz 
Alfred Liu
Andrew Ghrist
Art of Miso
Audra Auclair
Bernard Lee
Candace McKay
Colin Verdi
Corinne Reid
Dave Cooper
Diego Penuela
Eli McMullen
Erik Mark Sandberg
Felicia Chiao
Huntz Liu
Jason mowry
Jenny Yu
Jessica So Ren Tang
JP Neang
Kat Terada
Kelly Lu
Kelsey Buzzell
Kevan Hom
Kristin Kwan
Matt Schu
Michael York Gilreath
Niky Motekallem
Oliver Hibert
Paper Puffin
Vanessa Gillings
Vasilisa Romanenko
Yumi Yamazaki

No online previews or presales for this exhibition. Artwork will be online after the gallery opening. 

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