Nucleus Portland

Kristin Kwan & Zakuro Aoyama
2-Person Solo



Kristin Kwan
Lincoln, Nebraska

Kristin Kwan is an artist who makes illustrative paintings and drawings. She is interested in images from myths and shared stories and the way they collect layers of meaning over time. In her work she uses elements of fantasy and allegory to explore themes of life, death, and rebirth. She lives with her husband, daughter, and many pets.


Zakuro Aoyama

My work is the attempt to create symbols and amulets for the understanding of a persistent feverish and melancholic state that befalls me. My images originate from the primary reading of anguish and the relationship of my gaze on the world around me. These same are, in short, syn-aesthetic and symbolic arrangements. The procedure that prevails in my work is the technical use of tempera, watercolor and sumi ink. I do them with the intention of creating an aesthetic approximation between traditional Japanese painting and Italian Baroque. My narrative interest comes from the attempt to create a bond of sensations by reading textures, details and symbols displayed in my works. Many arranged in layers requiring a certain dedication from the viewer. one that is subject to capturing, even if in part, the range of sensations and lines of dialogues displayed there. The making process is perhaps the most rewarding. the one that leads me to discover tones, effects and modes that intensify and provides more clearly the context of my work. Such a process always brings me closer to the aesthetic and conceptual fusion I seek. Technically speaking, I impose certain purposeful limitations. Thus creating forms of readings that otherwise would not be possible. my quest to awaken not momentary sensations, but sensations that may persist the viewer's memory. Cause from a slight warmth to a chill that persists for many days.



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