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Jed Henry - Temple Red Print

$ 45.00

Jed Henry - Temple Red Print
Jed Henry - Temple Red Print Jed Henry - Temple Red Print Jed Henry - Temple Red Print

$ 45.00

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When I adapt a scene into Ukiyo-e, I usually translate all the scene's elements into an 1800s Edo period style.

However, for this particular print I decided to work in the modern Shin-hanga style, which is known for its realism and much more complex color schemes.

Because of this, I did not adapt the design of the robot's armor. Instead I wanted to focus on the anachronism between a futuristic mobile suit walking through an 1800s temple scene. The contrast is quite stunning I think!

The left cartouche reads 可動鎧 - and the furigana (tiny characters next to the kanji) literally say "mobile suit".

The right cartouche says 幾度とり払われるとも止めどなく花をうえつづけるぞ, which means, "No matter how many times they get wiped away, we will never stop replanting the flowers."

- Jed Henry - 

Artist: Jed Henry
Paper Size: 12" x 17"
Printing Method: Giclée 
Paper Type: Acid-free handmade Japanese paper
Features: Signed

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