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SALUT! 5 Coaster Show

June 12 – July 3, 2020

Salut is a friendly expression used toward one's companions before having a drink. In conjunction with our gallery and bar, original artwork on coaster format will be on display in the gallery. Instead of hosting a Portland reception this year, the show will open online. This means that you’ll have a chance to view and purchase artwork from home safely.


When & where will the Coasters be available to view/purchase?
June 12, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. (PST) - Online at

How much does a Coaster cost?
 $60 each. This is a fun show for fans and artists, and a rare opportunity to own original artwork at a very reasonable price. =)

Is the gallery offering online previews/pre-sales?
No, please do not request.

Will artwork stay in my cart by the time I’m ready to purchase?
Items in your cart will NOT be reserved. It is possible for someone else to complete checkout before you.

Does the gallery ship internationally?
Yes! We want everyone to have a chance to purchase artwork from this show. Please be aware that as a result of Covid-19, international shipping to many countries outside of North America has been delayed, suspended, and has become less reliable. You are still welcomed to purchase online, however, we may contact you if we believe the shipping destination might be a risk and  advise postponing the shipment.

If I make several purchases will you combine shipping or offer a discount
No. Sorry, combining orders is time-consuming as is and leaves room for error. To avoid any mix-ups, we will not be able to offer combined shipping. 

Will the gallery be open for me to see this show in person?
We plan to re-open in mid June. Upon entry, social distancing and mask policy will be strictly enforced.

Any tips on getting the artwork I want?
Research the artist roster ahead of time (see below), and have your payment info ready for checkout, credit cards only. Good luck and have fun!

A.C. Esguerra / Aaron Piland / Abigail Halpin / Adrian Kay Wong / ActionHankBeard / Alina Chau / Alyssa Mees / Amber Aki Huang / Amy Earles / Amy Kuttab / Andrea Kang / Andi Soto / Andrew Ghrist / Andrew Mar / Angela Sung / Anuj Shrestha / April Elizabeth / Aria Fawn / Austin Rossborough / Aya kakeda / Bagger43 / Bao Pham / Barachan / Becca Barnet / Ben Tolman / Bernard Lee / Braeden Cox / Brie Henderson / Bryce Wymer / Butterface / Camille Andre / Candie Bolton / Candace McKay / Carlos Enciso / Carly Janine Mazur / Caroline Choi / Celia Jacobs / Chad Eaton / Chan Chau / Chelsea Blecha / Cleonique Hilsaca / Cody Miles / Colin Frangicetto Colin Verdi / D. Jeffrey / Daria Aksenova / Dasdrew aka Andrew Peña / Davy Le Chevance / Dean Stuart / Deborah Lee / Defectivepudding / Deth P. Sun / Diego Penuela / Dingding HuDion MBD / Dusty Ray / Eli McMullen / Ellen Surrey Emil Konishi / Emily Neilson / Emily Pettigrew / Eric Hancock / Erick MartinezErika Lee Sears / Eugenia Mello / Eva Redamonti / Evah Fan / Faunwood / Farel Dalrymple / Felicia Chiao / Fumi Nakamura / Gemma Correll / Gizem Vural / Grace Kum / Graham Annable aka Grickle / Guno Park / Gustavo Rimada / Harmony Deimling / Harmony Gong / Harumo Sato / Hayley Powers / Heather Sundquist  Heidi Moreno / Helen Mask / Helice Wen / Hollie Mengert / Ileana Soon / Jackson Dryden / Jacquelin de Leon / James Lipnickas / James Thistlethwaite / Jasjyot Singh Hans Jeannie Lynn Paske / Jeff McMillan / Jen Tong / Jennifer Davis / Jennifer Xiao / Jenny Yu / Jesse Simpson / Jessica Roux / Jialun Deng / John F. Malta / John Walker / Joseph Harmon / Joshua Lawyer / Joshua Minnich / JP Neang / Julian Callos / Julianna Brion / Julie Hang / Juliette Toma / Justine Prebich / Kate O'Hara / Kat Terada / Kayla Edgar / Kekai Kotaki / Kelly Louise Judd / Kelly Sux / Kelsey Buzzell / Kevan Hom / Kim Slate / Kodi Bujard / Kourtney Jossy / Krista Perry / Kristen Solecki / Kristin Kwan / Kyle Fewell Lachlan Herrick / Lawrence Hugh Burns / Lillipore / Lily Seika Jones / Lina YuLisa Congdon / Logan Schmitt / Lolimoog / Louie Chin / Loveis Wise / Lydia Nichols / Madebyenger / Mari Inukai / Marika Paz / Marisa Aragón Ware Mariya Pilipenko / Mark Hoffmann / Mary Syring / Matt Byle / Matt Schu / Matthew Crumpton / Maxwell McMaster / Megan Buccere / Michael Fleming / Michael York Gilreath / Mike Choi / Mike Lowery / Mike Schultz / Minnie Phan / Miranda Tacchia / Mizna Wada / Mónico Chávez / Mwanel Pierre-Louis / Nadia Rausa / Nana Williams / Naoshi / Natalia Cardona Puerta / Nate Otto / Nicole Duennebier / Nicole Gustafsson / Nicole Rifkin / Nikolas Ilic / Niky Motekallem / Noségo / Oliver Ono / Ouizi / Pace Taylor / Paper Puffin / Patara / Patrick Hruby / Patrick Mathews / Peggy Dean / Peter Adamyan / Peter Di Nguyen / Philipp Zurmöhle / Phoenix Chan / Po Yan Leung / Rebekka Dunlap / Reiko Murakami / Reuben Negron / Robot Soda / Rory Phillips / Ryan Duggan / Samantha Mash / Sasha Ira / Savanna Judd / Sean Keeton / Sean Mahan / Sena Kwon / Shea Spina / Shelley Couvillion / Shoko Ishida / Skullbashhero aka Eric Bonhomme / Sophia Rapata / Stephanie Brown / Stephanie DeAngelis / Steve MartinezNathan Yondr / Steven Russell Black / Susan Yung / Svetla Radivoeva / Taylor Rose / Teagan White / Tegan Bellitta / Teresa Grasseschi / Tim Peacock / Tintist / Tobias Kwan / Vanessa Gillings / Vasilisa Romanenko / Villatose / Vin Ganapathy / VR Rivera / Wenjia Tang / William Basso / Will Murai / Wyatt Hersey / Ximena Rendón / Yas Imamura /  Yayu Yumi Yamazaki / Yumiko Kayukawa / Yusei Abe / Yuuki Jia / Zach Meyer / Zachary Mendoza / Zachary Oldenkamp / Zoe Persico


July 10 – 29, 2020

Reception: July 10 / 5 - 8 PM

Los Angeles, CA

Ellen is an illustrator & designer who's not afraid of using color in her charming illustrations. She draws inspiration from Mid-Century design and vintage treasures-- Finding the beauty from the past and incorporating it into her work.


Los Angeles, CA

Patrick is an illustrator & designer who specializes in creating bright and whimsical images. He teaches Surface Design at Art Center College of Design and works as a designer for Kid Made Modern. Essentially, Patrick is a wizard.


Los Angeles, CA

Loris is an illustrator & designer whose work can be described as colorful and engaging. Her attention to detail sets her apart from the ordinary. She draws inspiration from her Mexican upbringing and Mid-Century design to create her delightful illustrations.


August 1 – 26, 2020

Reception: August 1 / 5 - 8 PM

Vancouver, WA

Nicole Gustafsson is the creator behind NIMASPROUT. Nicole works as a full time illustrator, specializing in traditional media paintings featuring everything from woodland characters and environments, to pop culture based project. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and pet kids.


Eugene, OR

Miranda Zimmerman uses inspiration from nature and her background in science to create intricate and dreamlike creatures.  Her work invites the viewer to explore a world where the lines between science and fiction are blurred. 

Miranda graduated from California State University–Monterey Bay with a bachelor's degree in Evolutionary Biology.  She then went on to acquire her graduate certificate in Science Illustration, and spent three months working on paleontological reconstruction at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.  She now resides in the Pacific Northwest, taking on freelance work and creating Faun-Creatures to fill her fictional universe. 
Clients include Oculus Rift, The Field Museum, and independent researchers.


Portland, OR

Hi! I’m an artist and animator living in Portland, Oregon. I studied animation at the California Institute of the Arts and worked on films such as Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, Kubo and the Two Strings and Missing Link.


Davor Gromilovic / Zakuro Aoyama

September 4 – 27, 2020

Reception: Sep. 4 / 5 - 8 PM

Sombor, Serbia

Davor Gromilovic is a visual artist currently residing in Sombor, Serbia (born in Yugoslavia, 1985). Although contemporary drawing represents the primary field of his creative exploration and development, he also shows creative abilities and genuine commitment to other artistic forms such as painting, illustration, graphics, murals, art fanzines, etc. His work is narrative and often inspired by fantastic motives of fairy tales, folk-art, pop surrealism, sci-fi, and even by north renaissance masters of painting, as well as by his personal experiences and inner world. In his work one notices a dominant use of symbols, his inner world and complex reflections from which he develops ideas and specific intimate aesthetics. Complex, but at the same time purified, strongly imaginative but well-thought-out works adorn this artist’s rich oeuvre.




Zakuro Aoyama (born 1990.) is an illustrator and visual artist based on Brasília, Brazil. A self-taught artist, he has worked inside studios in Brazil and USA. Currently focusing his efforts on personal paintings and upcoming gallery shows.


Smitheone / Sickid1

October 2 – November 1, 2020

Reception: October 2 / 5 - 8 PM


México D.F. A


Los Angeles, CA


November 7 – December 2, 2020

Reception: Nov. 7 / 5 - 8 PM



Matt has worked and traveled all over the world, and his career has also traveled through many realms: animation, comics, picture books, and more. Many are familiar with his work as lead animator on the hit show Adventure Time, but Matt has also done concept and production design work for Disney, Netflix and Aardman Animation. 

He has been nominated for an Eisner award and has won the Doug Wright award for his comic Ojingogo. He has also won the EB White Award and many other honors for his work illustrating children's picture books.


San Francisco

Kenard Pak is an author and illustrator originally from Baltimore, Maryland, but currently lives in San Francisco. Much of his work is about memory, nature, and solitude. Having studied at Syracuse University and California Institute of the Arts, Kenard has worked as an artist on many animated films with Dreamworks, Walt Disney Feature, PDI, and Laika.

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