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Kozy Kitchens Ceramics & Kozyndan

December 13 - January 15, 2020

Reception: December 6 / 6 - 9 PM

Los Angeles, CA / Japan

Kozy Kitchens is a visual artist from Japan, living in Los Angeles over half her life now. Making with clay is a purely joyful experience for her. Her hand built ceramic sculptures and functional objects are playful, often humorous, and influenced by a deep appreciation of animals and the natural world. She also creates drawings, paintings, murals, and other projects under the moniker kozyndan (often along with her husband, Dan).


Kozyndan are husband-and-wife artists who work collaboratively to create obsessively detailed works of art. They work in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. Their works is often revolving around nature and our disconnection/ need for reconnection with the natural world. They are obsessed with the ocean and being underwater and hope to someday come to rest at the bottom of the sea and slowly be devoured by deep creatures over many years.

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Mizna Wada Solo Show /
Dadu Shin mini show

January 18 - February 6, 2020

Reception: January 18 / 6 - 9 PM


Mizna Wada is a Japan-based illustrator. She was born in 1974 in Kumamoto, Japan. She materializes creepy and cute girls by using various techniques: Drawing, Painting, Paper cut, Print Gocco, Cloth Doll.

New York

Dadu Shin was born and raised in Massachusetts. After attending the Rhode Island School of Design(RISD), he moved to New York City and is now working as a freelance illustrator. He has worked for such clients as The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Plansponsor, and Simon & Schuster. 

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Power In Numbers 5

February 15- March 4, 2020

Reception: Feb 15 / 7 - 10 PM

Power In Numbers 5 is a group exhibition featuring 5" x 7" postcard artwork by international artists. This is a rebirth of our original Power in Numbers postcard format art show in 2006A portion of the gallery sales will be donated to ACLU


Amelia HofsteedeAmliv Sotomayor /  Ana BusteloAndre RaeAndrew Mar / Andy Bennett / Angela An / Angela Ho / Anna Cattish / Atreyu Moniaga / Audra Auclair / Ava / Avalon Nuovo / Ayang CempakaBen Bauchau / Blanca Gómez / Brolga / Caroline Ji / Carolina T. Godina Ciria / Chantal Horeis / Charles TanCheryl Owen / Connie Lim / Cosmic Spectrum /Creature Creature / Davor GromilovićDean Kalcoff / Dewey Guyen / Dewi PlassDiego Andrade / Dimitris Pantazis / Dilraj Mann / Dirty Robot / Dolce Paganne / Dung HoEduardo Vieira / Ellie vs Bear / Emmanuelle Walker / Evie May Adams / Felicia Chiao / Fictograph / FørtifemGaia Bordicchia / Hanna Lee Joshi / Helena Covell / Hélène Delmaire / Isa Bancewicz / Ivonna Buenrostro / J.M. Dragunas / James Lee Chiahan / Jana Heidersdorf / Janaina Medeiros / Jang Koal / Jasmin Dreyer / Jason Parker / Jenn LivJenn Woodall / Jennifer Allnutt / Jezreel Tuya / John Ed De Vera / Jon Fox / Julia ScottJulie Filipenko / Kate Paints / Katrin Wiehle / Kazuhiro Hori / Kelly Smith / Kelogsloops / Kerby RosanesKim Hu / Kima Lenaghan / Kristin Siegel-LeichtKyuYongLana Jay / LAP / Lauren Degraaf / Lesley Barnes / Likrot / Lily Snowden-Fine / Lorena Alvarez Gómez / Loretta LizzioLuisa RiveraLuo Man / Lucy Michelle / Mack / Madison Erin Mayfield / Mall / Margaret Morales / Mari Costa / Maria NguyenMarie-Alice Harel / Matthew Forsythe / Mattias Adolfsson / Maria Suarez-Inclan / Melissa Hartley / Melissa Grisancich / Meredith Marsone / Messy Desk / Meyoco / Miss Étoile / Moonchild / Muertosruz / Muxxi / Natalie Dombois / Natelle QuekNikkie StinchcombeNoa SnirOlga Wieszczyk / Oliwia Bober / Paulette Jo / Pangurban / Patricio Betteo / Peter Diamond / Pierre Croco / Pogo / Pruch Sintunava / Raf Sarmento / Rafael Mayani / Rebecca Yanovskaya / Renée Park / Rotten Fantom / Rozenn / Saara Katariina Söderlund / Sam Bee / Sarah Gonzales / Sara WilsonSasaku KusuriyubiSiames Escalante / Sibylline Meynet / Sophie RobinStas Bashkatov / Stephen Doan / Steeven Salvat / Stewart Easton / Tarmasz / Thomas Danthony / Tidawan Thaipinnarong / Timba Smits / Uniquelab / Valeriya Volkova / Victoria Skellan / VeinsVotive / Warwick Johnson Cadwell / Wenting Li / Valeriya Volkova / Wenyi Geng / yearsofacademytrainingwasted / Yeye Weller / Yohan Sacré / Yulong Lli / Zakuro Aoyama


Lily Seika Jones Solo Exhibition

Mar 6 -  April 1 , 2020

Reception: Mar 6 / 6 - 9 PM

Seattle, WA

Lily Seika Jones is a full-time artist/illustrator currently based in the third bedroom of a charming home in Shoreline, Washington with her husband and their two cats. She spends the majority of her time drinking tea indoors while creating highly detailed, whimsical watercolor and ink paintings, taking inspiration from her favourite childhood stories and mid-century illustrators, as well as the natural world of the Pacific Northwest. She graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2014 majoring in Literature, Fine Arts, and Education, and decided that very year she would pursue a career that would allow her to combine her all her passions and interests: book illustration. Since then, she has been freelancing and running Rivulet Paper Shop on Etsy. Lily is interested in how myths and fairytales shape our childhood and the world around us, and sees her art-making as an exploration of the significance of these stories as we grow up.


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