Nucleus Portland


Matt Furie - Tuff Crowd

March 8 - April 3, 2019

Los Angeles, CA

Matt Furie (b.1979 is an artist, illustrator, and children's book author. He's best known for his character Pepe, a fun-loving stoner frog from his comic Boy's Club, who has become a ubiquitous internet meme. In 2012, McSweeney’s published Furie's first children’s book, The Night Riders, a wordless tale about the adventures of two best friends, a frog, and a rat. He's currently based in Los Angeles.



February 1 - February 27, 2019

An exhibition curated by Nathan Spoor

Allison Sommers
Amy Sol
Andy Kehoe
Anthony Hurd
Bob Schneider
Brad Gray
Caitlin Hackett
Cassidy Marietta
Chris Mars
Dean Fleming
Erica Williams
Fuco Ueda
Hannah Faith Yata
James Oberschlake
Jason Limon
Jean Pierre Arboleda
Jeremy Nichols
Jessica So Ren Tang
Joe Vaux
Ken Garduno
Kit Mizeres
Kristin Kwan
Lauren YS
Marisa Aragón Ware
Nathan Reidt
Nathan Spoor
Nicoletta Ceccoli
Sarah Joncas
Sergio Lopez



January 12 - January 30, 2019

Las Vegas, NV

Kristina Collantes (b 1987)  is an illustrator and creative director living and working in the USA, the greatest planet on earth. 


Los  Angeles, CA

Leonardo Santamaria was born with a twin brother in Quezon City, Philippines. At a young age, he and his family immigrated to New Jersey. Soon after, they moved to Orange County, California where he eventually made his way to study at ArtCenter College of Design. He now lives and works in Los Angeles.

His paintings are influenced by 1990's anime, 2000's emo, and this decade's political discourse. When out of the studio, he spends his time with his friends enjoying tabletop games, healing his team as Moira in Overwatch, and drinking copious amounts of room-temperature water. Unfortunately, he and his twin do not share psychic abilities.


Detroit, Michigan

Draws out the daydreams, the longings. Inspired by the nostalgic culture of Japan, stories, music, fashion, and nature, Shoko Ishida strives to create works that sparks a story. The coffee and tea enthusiast creates her mixed media works in the studio with her golden retriever sleeping by the desk.

Currently staying in Michigan USA.

Off The Clock



December 8, 2018 - January 9, 2019

LAIKA and Nucleus Portland presents OFF THE CLOCK, an exhibition showcasing personal work by the visual virtuosos at the studio that brought you Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, Kubo & the Two Strings and on April 12th, Missing Link.

Alan Cook / Alina Chau / Austen Weitzel / Brian Ormiston / Brooke Duckart / Cameron Asao / Carolyn Erikson / Christina Benenati / Christy Becker / Desiree Ong / Doug Cummings / Drew Hartel / Emily Neilson / Emma Berger / Erin Crane / Hasani Walker / Janice Chu / Jennifer Ely / Jesse Gregg / Joshua Storey / Juliaon Roels / Katy Strutz / Kenard Pak / Kim Slate / Kristy Kay / Kyle Gernhart / Laurent Rossi / Micah Henrie / Qing Wang / Santiago Agustin Montiel / Song Kang / The Wooden Heroes

Salut! III A Coaster Art Show / Mizna Wada: The Weird Girls


November 16 - December 6, 2018

"Salut" is an expression of friendly feelings used toward one's companions before drinking. In conjunction with our bar, hundreds of coaster artwork will be on display in the gallery. We have an outstanding roster of talented artists from near and far. At $50 each, this is a great opportunity to own original art!

Artwork will be for sale at the opening reception, and will be available online the following day. There will be no previews/pre-sales for this show.

Aaron Piland / AJ Frena / Alex Beck Alex Chiu / Alex Dos Diaz / Alex Gold Alex Kuno / Alexander Reisfar / Alfie Berger Alice Lee / Alina Chau / Alison George / Amanda Sartor / Amy Earles  / Andi Soto / Andrew Maclean / Angela Fox / Angela Sung / Ava An / Ayumi Takahashi  / Bagger43 / Bao Pham / Betsy Walton / Bijou Karman / Bill Carman  / Bill Ross / Brett Stenson / Brian Uhl / Brooks Salzwedel / Bryce Wymer Camily Tsai / Cate Andrews / Chad Eaton / Chris Gerringer / Christa Dippel / Cleonique Hilsaca / Colin Frangicetto / Corinne Reid Dadu Shin Daniel González Liberal /  Dirty Robot Dean Stuart / Deth P. Sun / Edward Cao / Eli McMullen / Eliza Ivanova / Elizabeth Haidle / Ellen Surrey / Emily Pettigrew / Erica Williams / Faunwood / Feifei Ruan / Fiona Hewitt / Fumi Mini Nakamura / Graham Yarrington / Guno Park / Helen Mask / Helice Wen / Hermann Mejia / Huntz Liu / Jacob Van Loon / James Lipnickas / Jason A. Mowry / Jason Herr / Jason Limon / Jeannie Lynn Paske / Jessica Dalva / Jessica Roux / Josh Chance / JP Neang / Julian Callos / Julie Benbassat / Karl James Mountford / Kathleen Neeley / Katie Gamb / Keiko Murayama Kellan Jett / Kenard Pak / Kevin Hong / KozynDan / Kristina Micotti / Kyle Fewell / Kyoosang Choi / Lia Tin / Lily Seika Jones / Lindsay Stripling / Lisa Congdon / Maggie Chiang / Maggie Ivy / Malachi Ward  Manuja Waldia / Mari Inukai / Marika Paz / Maria Nguyen / Marisa Aragón Ware / Mark W. Richards Matt Gordon / Matt Rockefeller / Matt Schumacher / Meredith Miotke / Meyoco / Michael Polakowski / Mike Schultz / Molly Mendoza / Naoshi / Natalie Erickson / Nick Runge / Nicole Gustafsson / Niky Motekallem / Ninjabot / Oliver Hibert / Phoenix Chan / Pixel P / Priscilla Wong / Rachel Maves / Redd Walitzki / Reiko Murakami / Rich Pellegrino / Sally Deng / Samuel Araya / Sean Mahan / Shawn Hebrank / Siamés Escalante / Song Kang / Stacey Rozich / Stephanie Brown / Stephen Molyneaux / Steven Russell Black / Tall Boy / Tallulah Fontaine / Taylor Gray / Thomas Ascott / Tim Peacock / Tobias Kwan / Travis Millard / Tugboat Printshop / Vanessa Gillings / Wendy Hearts / William Basso / Willie Real / Winterteeth / Yellena James / Yu Maeda / Yuliya Pietletskaya / Yumi Yamazaki Yumiko Kayukawa / Yuriy Ibragimov / Yusei Abe / Zach Meyer / Zach Oldenkamp / Zoe Persico


November 16 - December 6, 2018

RECEPTION November 16 / 7 - 10 PM

Mizna Wada is a Japan-based illustrator. She was born in 1974 in Kumamoto, Japan. She materializes creepy and cute girls by using various techniques: Drawing, Painting, Paper cut, Print Gocco, Cloth Doll. 

Benjamin BjÖrklund & Nicolás Uribe




Trollhättan, Sweden

Benjamin is a painter born -87 in Trollhättan, Sweden. He has studied art in high school and studied veterinary technician in university. Benjamin works as a painter and a nurse's assistant at a psychiatric hospital.  He currently lives with his dog Ruben in gothenburg. 



Bogotá, Colombia

Nicolás Uribe is an American painter, born in Wisconsin, USA, currently based in Bogotá, Colombia. He graduated with Honours from School of Visual Arts in NY. Nicolás has had numerous solo exhibitions both in the US and South America, and has exhibited his work in Mexico, Spain, Egypt, among other countries. He’s done numerous painting workshops in the UK, Spain, Canada and the US. He splits his time between preparing works for upcoming exhibitions and teaching Life Drawing and Painting at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogotá. Nicolás is also part of the team at Blank Atelier in Bogotá, where he teaches workshops privately.

Amy Earles & Lily Seika Jones


Indianapolis, IN

Out of natural instinct and some necessity, I'm a very private person in most ways. Communicating through art is something I've been doing since early childhood. Feeling out of sync with others led me to create other worlds for my mind to occupy and some of this is manifested through visual art. It's not all just a projection of myself, but it's also a world view filtered through a particular lens. One that is sometimes clouded by experiences and always a little askew.


Seattle, WA

Lily Seika Jones is a full-time artist/illustrator currently based in the third bedroom of a charming home in Shoreline, Washington with her husband and their two cats. She spends the majority of her time drinking tea indoors while creating highly detailed, whimsical watercolor and ink paintings, taking inspiration from her favourite childhood stories and mid-century illustrators, as well as the natural world of the Pacific Northwest. She graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2014 majoring in Literature, Fine Arts, and Education, and decided that very year she would pursue a career that would allow her to combine her all her passions and interests: book illustration. Since then, she has been freelancing and running Rivulet Paper Shop on Etsy. Lily is interested in how myths and fairytales shape our childhood and the world around us, and sees her art-making as an exploration of the significance of these stories as we grow up.


July 6 - August 1,  2018


Artist Bio:
Teagan White is an artist and illustrator specializing in intricate paintings of flora and fauna. Her work depicts nature's subtle, gentle reciprocity and wild, tragic discord through muted colors, ornamental layouts, and meticulous detail.  Teagan lives in Minneapolis with a cat named Bug and a taxidermy goose, and spends her time riding bikes, trying to be friends with seagulls, holding unexpected animal funerals, volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center, reading tarot cards, and vanishing into the woods.


Pittsburgh, PA

Artist Bio:
AJ Frena is an illustrator from Texas who studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. AJ currently lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA with a lucky black cat and a lazy border collie.


New York  

Artist Bio:
b.1984, Currently live/works in New York City area.

Secret Sauce

June 1 - July 1, 2018

A group exhibition curated by Nucleus x Sizzle Pie

Secret Sauce is that mysterious special something that makes a dish pop. In this case, it's the whole range of experiences and techniques that makes an artist's style unique. 

Every piece in the show is 6 x 6 inches on wood panel, and will be priced at $300 & under. Come enjoy free pizza at the opening reception on June 1st!

The Infinite Well

May 4 - May 30, 2018

Group exhibition curated by WOW x WOW

WOW x WOW is tremendously excited to announce that its founder, Tim Maclean, has been invited to curate a group exhibition for the fabulous Nucleus Portland Gallery, which will open at their beautiful space in Portland, Oregon on 4th May and will run until 30th May. Entitled, ‘The Infinite Well’, the show will mark the first WOW x WOW curated exhibit hosted in a physical gallery space. WOW x WOW is so very honoured to have had the opportunity to join forces with Nucleus Portland in this regard, as there is a wonderful synergy that exists between our curatorial visions, which also sits alongside a mutual desire for professionalism and a serious passion to showcase the very best art from within the vibrant and ever flourishing New Contemporary scene.
The Infinite Well brings together 28 American artists at varying stages in their careers, all of whom share fantastic technical skill, a love of narrative and the ability to immerse viewers within wonderful visions, be they outlandish and surreal or comfortingly familiar.
Continuing WOW x WOW’s tradition of curating unthemed exhibits, The Infinite Well has provided participating artists with the opportunity to contribute pieces from their ongoing personal bodies of work. Allowing creative minds the freedom to explore without restrictive parameters is at the core of the WOW x WOW ethos, as it enables the creation of the most honest, powerful and liberating work that an artist will ever produce.

The show title is a metaphorical nod to the deep reservoir of inspiration that artists draw from. Encompassing everything from feelings, emotions, dreams, relationships, memories, social events, cultures and history, the list of stimuli which can inspire and provide fodder for the imagination, stretches to infinity.
Simultaneously and literally speaking, a ‘well’, typically contains water, which symbolises life, and in the context of the act of creation, is very fitting indeed. Throughout history, as it was often located in the centre of a neighbourhood, the well also came to symbolise community, which neatly ties in with this show. Community provides excellent opportunities for everyone and facilitates the sharing of ideas and feelings, in turn generating connections and continued growth, something which this show is a testament to.
At a time where online exhibitions are becoming more commonplace, WOW x WOW feels that it’s important to show solidarity with brick and mortar galleries, and highlight the fact that the physical and the virtual can work together in harmony, mutually engaging audiences and supporting the arts. Both gallery models have the ability to co-exist and provide varying benefits to both the artists they work with and the collectors they provide for, making for stronger international networks and a blossoming New Contemporary community.

Adrian Landon Brooks
Bennett Slater
Bill Mayer
Blaine Fontana
Charlie Immer
Chris Leib
Corinne Reid
Dallas Rayburn
Dan May
Dean Stuart
Deth P. Sun
Edward Cao
Helice Wen
James Lipnickas
Jason Limon
Jeremy Hush
Jesse Jacobi
Jolene Lai
Kelsey Beckett
Kisung Koh
Laura Berger
Leonardo Santamaria
Mandy Cao
Matte Stephens
Phoenix Chan
Rebecca Green
Sam Wolfe Connelly
Sandra Yagi
Shoko Ishida


April 6 - May 2, 2018


Provo, Utah

Casey Jex Smith is an artist that works in drawing, collage, installation, and performance. He creates narratives that exist in the intersection between fantasy-gaming and religious ritual. He has exhibited at the Drawing Center, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Lab, Josée Bienvenu Gallery, Allegra LaViola Gallery, Galerie Polaris, and Nudashank. He received a BFA in Painting from Brigham Young University and an MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute. He currently resides in Provo, Utah with his wife and fellow artist Amanda Smith and their two children.


Sierra Madre, CA

Jason Holley is an artist, illustrator, teacher, and musician living in Los Angeles. He teaches illustration at Art Center College of Design in Pasedena, CA. His artworks are often made up of images painted on paper, cut out and collaged together. When a client returns an illustration to him he often peels his favorite images back off of it to re-use in personal work or other illustrations. For this reason, most of his illustrations survive only in reproduction. This history also contributes to the aged and dirty quality of his work. Holly’s work is simultaneosly raw and incredibly sophisticated and delicate.


Los Angeles, CA

Maxwell McMaster is a Los Angeles based multidisciplinary artist/designer. His work is primarily a reaction to his surrounding environment, or a reflection of past experiences.  Maxwell explores a wide range of styles and techniques within his work, allowing the concepts to dictate the aesthetic.

Kozyndan & Nicole Gustafsson

MARCH 10 - APRIL 4, 2018 

Los Angeles, CA

Kozyndan are husband-and-wife artists who work collaboratively to create obsessively detailed works of art. They work in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. Their works is often revolving around nature and our disconnection/ need for reconnection with the natural world. They are obsessed with the ocean and being underwater and hope to someday come to rest at the bottom of the sea and slowly be devoured by deep creatures over many years.

Vancouver, WA

Nicole Gustafsson is the creator behind NIMASPROUT. Nicole works as a full time illustrator, specializing in traditional media paintings featuring everything from woodland characters and environments, to pop culture based project. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and pet kids.

Bao Pham & Yuka Sakuma


Painter living and making in Iowa, USA.



“Rumination” is a collection of drawings and paintings illustrating scenes of contemplation. The figure in my work are suspended between worlds, captured in that moment of being awake and dreaming, when the mind is free to wonder and create. The noise and clutter from the day are condensed into seeds that sprout into various forms of leaves, flowers, and insects. The complexity of the plants and flora are simplified into colors and forms that I can recognize and build on. They grow into and out of the figure to create flourishing gardens, suggesting that the mind is fertile ground for growth and renewal.


Artist from Nagoya, Japan.


The evening before the big festival, the eve of festival will be held, while the expectations and excitement for tomorrow are the highest.


December 9 - January 11, 2017

It's been 11 years since Gallery Nucleus held its first Unicorn Show, and we are happy to announce that we are bringing this exhibition back! We will explore the folklore, mythology, and beauty of this mystical creature through the work of these artists:

Amy Sol / Alan Brown / Daria Tessler / Huntz Liu / Jeanne D'Angelo / Jason Limon / Joey Stupor / Junko Mizuno / Leo Eguiar / Michael C. Hsiung / Nomi Chi / Oliver Hibert / Rona Liu / Shoko Ishida / Tetsunori / Wendy Hearts

SALUT! II A Coaster Art Exhibition


"Salut" is an expression of friendly feelings used toward one's companions before drinking. In conjunction with our beer bar, hundreds of coaster artwork will be on display in the gallery. We have an outstanding roster of talented artists from near and far. At $50 each, this is a great opportunity to own original art!
Artwork will be for sale during the opening reception, and will also be available to view and purchase online the following day. Cheers!


64 Colors / Alex Chiu / Alfie Berger / Alina Chau / Alison George / Amy Kuttab / Andrew MacLean / APAK / Bagger43 / Becca Stadtlander / Bill Carman / Brett Stenson / Brian Luong / Brooks Salzwedel / Burrito Breath / Caleb Coppock / Chad Eaton / Chris Topper / Chris Youssef / Christian Leon Guerrero / Colin Frangicetto / Cuddly Rigor Mortis / Dadu Shin / Dave MacDowell / Deth P. Sun / Dominic De Venuta / Eliza Ivanova / Elizabeth Haidle / Emily Herr / Erica Williams / Farel Dalrymple / Helen Mask / Helice Wen / Hermann Mejia / Jaime Munoz / Jaya Nicely / Jeannie Lynn Paske / Jeff Sheridan / Jenna Andersen / Jennifer Bouron / Jennifer Ely / Jesse Riggle / Jillian Eveylyn / Jisoo Kim / Joe Schlaud / Joey Stupor / John Malta / Jonathan Edwards / Julie Benbassat / Kala Warman / Ken Garduno / Kenard Pak / Killer Acid / Kit Mizeres / KozynDan / Kristy Kay / Kyle Fewell / Laura Berger / Leonardo Santamaria / Lily Seika Jones / Lindsey Olivares / Lisa Kogawa / Little Friends of Printmaking / Marguerite Sauvage / Matt Gordon / Matt Rockefeller / Mike Schultz / Miranda Tacchia / Miranda Zimmerman / Moneekah / Morgaine Faye / Mtendere "Teebs" Mandowa / Nan Lawson / Naoshi / Natasha Lillipore / Nicole Gustafsson / Nikko de Leon / Rachel Maves / Ricardo Ales / Richie Pope / Ruth Speer / Ryan Bubnis / S.V. Williams / Sabrina Elliott / Samantha Mash / Sandra Yagi / Sarah Soh / Sean Morris / Shin Yeon Moon / Tall Boy / Teagan White / Terrence Gasca / Tess Rubinstein / Timothy Karpinski Jr. / Tina Lugo / Yu Maeda / Yumiko Kayukawa / Zach Oldenkamp / Zoe Persico 

Edward Kinsella III & Stewart Easton Exhibition

October 14 - November 12, 2017

St Louis, Missouri


Edward Kinsella III was born in St Louis, Missouri, in 1983. He graduated with honors from Ringling School of Art and Design in 2006, and his work has since been commissioned by a variety of prestigious magazines and publishers. He has also shown his fine art and illustration in a number of gallery exhibitions. His accolades include gold and silver medals from the Society of Illustrators, and a Gold Award from Spectrum.


Creeps represents Edward Kinsella’s journey deeper into paranormal themes. Drawing on multiple visual and literary sources, Edward creates pieces that mix a peculiar visual hodgepodge with a lifelong fascination with the paranormal. Creeps celebrates the strange, the unusual, and the things that go bump in the night.


London, United Kingdom

Breaking the traditional boundaries of craft, Stewart Francis Easton’s work fuses together hand embroidery, sonic art and music. Drawing upon and using folk song, story and social history as a starting point Easton works with the space and weight of story to create large scale wall based pieces which emphasise the passage of time within a single panel. These pieces vary in size and medium and can be drawn with hand embroidery, direct wall drawing or paint. Whichever medium is used Easton emphasises the need to create using the hand as it is in this process that a connection is made with the story allowing a slowing down and immersion in the moment. Most recently Easton has been removing the ‘storyline’ of a visual narrative by creating geometric/ graphic forms in stitch. This reassembling of his work ethic in a chance layout enables the viewer to be free of their preconceptions of story. Using a process of abstract minimal stitch he is enabling himself to create a visual reference to an ever changing pathway and reaching for a utopian form. Easton’s stitch work blurs the lines between craft, illustration and fine art making his work dynamic and progressive and a must see. Stewart Francis Easton is a visual storyteller based in London who works in thread, ink, paint and digital media.


The Glass Bead Game is Easton's exploration into the fictional Castalian order of mind, spirit and the artistic life. 

Drawing upon the major elements and characters from Hesse's great work Easton has fused together and created a depiction of a fantastical world of spirit and art.

Using a contemplative approach in the creation of each of the works he has allowed a space to develop within the journey of their creation. This space gives the viewer a glimpse into the artistic life and the possibilities available to us when we not only look at a work, but meditate upon it. 

1 Year Anniversary Group Exhibition

September 16 - October 12, 2017

We just turned 1-year old, and we are excited to be celebrating with a spectacular artist line-up for our Anniversary Group exhibition!

If you are in Portland, please join us for snacks, pizza and giveaways by Sizzle Pie and Scout Books. We hope to see you there!


Bijou Karman: A Look


August 19 - September 14, 2017

Los Angeles, CA

A Look presents a new body of work by Bijou Karman where an ideal world is depicted in vibrant colors and over-the-top fashion. Karman’s women are beautiful, strong individuals. They invite the viewer to gaze, but do not hesitate to look back. Details in each piece signify who the woman is, what she wants, and how she sees the viewer. Their unique fashions derive from real clothing, yet the women and their surroundings are imagined. This creates a satisfying tension between a realistic depiction and an overly-perfect designed world. Foliage, greenery and houseplants are a recurring theme in this body of work; a visual representation of the untamable woman. A domestic houseplant can be manicured, but ultimately it will grow as it pleases.

Artist Bio:

Bijou Karman is an artist and illustrator from Los Angeles. She graduated with Distinction from Art Center College of Design in 2014.  As an illustrator she has worked with clients such as Harper's Bazaar, The Los Angeles Times, and Rihanna.  Her paintings are inspired by unique women, nostalgia, flora, and the California landscape.  In this body of work, fashion becomes a way to express the distinct personalities of her subjects. 

Boris Pelcer & Julian Callos Exhibition

JULY 22 - AUG 17, 2017

Milwaukee, WI

Boris Pelcer (b. 1985, Sarajevo, Bosnia) is an independent artist and illustrator based out of Milwaukee, WI, USA. He divides his time between working on his personal projects and commercial commissions. The driving force behind his personal work is his desire to visually explore and capture that something which resides beyond comprehension, symbolic language and this material world. It is his way of contemplating the intangible facets of this human condition. His commercial work includes various projects he has worked on for clients such as: The New Yorker, The New Republic, The New York Times, Time, Variety, Amazon, The Atlantic, Newsweek, Bloomberg, Village Voice, Texas Monthly, Guitar World, Backchannel, Little White Lies, Women's Health, Nike, Converse, Pitchfork. His work has been recognized by both Society of Illustrators and American Illustration.


Boris Pelcer’s new body of work “Reverie” is a visual experiment involving a voluntary confrontation with the unconscious through willful engagement with his own imagination and fantasy. In essence, each pieces is shaped by the rich and symbolic narratives that are brought forth from the unconscious. Being that each piece is shaped by the unconscious means that they are paradoxical in nature; they simultaneously say a great deal about the artist’s psyche while being difficult to decipher. The meaning that he is able to extract from each image is based on the overarching concepts that surface during the creation of each piece. Ultimately, the artist’s decision to deliberately evoke fantasy in a waking state is an effort by the artist to overcome the frequently cumbersome nature of conceptual overthinking in order to create work that is a more authentic representation of his own psyche.


Los Angeles, CA

Julian Callos is an illustrator and gallery artist based in Los Angeles. He graduated from Otis College of Art & Design in 2009 and has since worked with a diverse roster of clients that includes The New York Times, Scientific American, The New Republic, and Chipotle. His illustration work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and American Illustration, and his paintings have been exhibited in galleries across the US and abroad. Julian has explored a wide variety of subjects in his work, which can range from lighthearted takes on popular culture to darker, symbolism-filled narratives. He is continuously fascinated by nature, folklore, death, and the allure of the unknown.


"Every once in a while I will be struck by a wave of longing or an ambiguous feeling of wistfulness; a vague nostalgia triggered by certain stimuli—a whiff of a familiar fragrance worn by a passing stranger; the song of a mockingbird. The stimuli are not really tied to specific memories, but to a hazy, dreamlike past only accessible through the evocation of the senses. This show seeks to capture the melancholy and serenity that is elicited by these particular sensations."

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