Collection: Cat Rabbit: Working Through It

August 5 - 27, 2023

Cat Rabbit

Cat Rabbit is a textile artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. Using felt, recycled and vintage fabrics, Cat hand stitches plush sculptural works of her imagined characters and the worlds they might live in. Her work translates to many formats — from children’s books to large scale felt installations — always with the aim of bringing softness and warmth to the viewer.

Working Through It

‘Working Through It’ is an exploration of the seemingly inconsequential objects, rituals, and stories that make up my process. Coffee, a good record and daisies are cast alongside the unwelcome mice that scurry through my studio and the pears that inexplicably disappeared from our backyard tree — all the things that are on my mind at any given time. Sometimes disparate, always wonky, this exhibition presents a collection of thoughts and things made manifest in felt and thread, giving small ideas and humble fabrics more weight and status through the time-consuming and thoughtful process of their creation.