Collection: Kane Kokaris Solo: Empyrean

December 17, 2016 - January 18, 2017

Title: Empyrean

Animals find solace in an imaginative haven now void of human impact. They have formed complex social structures amongst an entirely cohesive landscape.

A world now on the road to rehabilitation accommodates a rediscovered sense of spirituality once hidden in hallowed symbolism. Revelations of creature characteristics are unveiled to an audience of human onlookers.

Empyrean is a glimpse into a visual narrative that encapsulates the harmoniousness of nature.

Artist Bio:
Kane Kokaris is a self taught artist from Gold Coast, Australia. His paintings are imaginative, stylised and often dark. Influences vary from nature and wildlife, to tattoo culture. He looks to partially tell a story within each composition, giving creatures a dreamlike world of their own. Although most tales are seemingly ill-fated, capturing the beauty in the darkest of moments is his main desire. Exposing viewers to images which evoke their own symbolic meaning and encourage them to let their imagination run free.