Collection: Faunwood Solo Exhibition<br>Alfred Liu Mini Solo

February 13 - March 8, 2021


Miranda Zimmerman is an artist and designer located in Eugene, Oregon. She uses inspiration from nature and her background in science to create intricate and dreamlike creatures. Her work invites the viewer to explore a world where the lines between science and fantasy are blurred (with plenty of video-game inspired cuteness along the way)!

 Title: The Lost Field Guide

“The Lost Field Guide” is a collection of fantasy creatures and places inspired by the natural world around us. While beautiful, resilient, and colorful, our planet Earth can also be ruthless and unforgiving. Still, even the darkest trenches and harshest chemicals can sustain an abundance of life! These pieces are informed by the incredible diversity we see in nature (given that we continue to take care of it), and offer a fictional interpretation of the biological illustrations from previous generations.


“Growing up with my Grandmother she embedded in me a love for Chinese history,mythology and culture.Growing up in Australia has shaped who I am, When I paint and draw all my colors and ideas are rooted in my surroundings, no matter where I go this is my home...”

Fantasy and sci-fi has always been and still is an important part of my life, the stories have taken me places that are beyond this world, it has been wonderful, frightening and exciting!”

Title: The Little Journey

One Dwarf rabbit’s quest to search for his father, who went missing looking for the sacred book of the Karzeleks in the depths of the Abyss.