Collection: Grant Kratzer / Sasaku Kusuriyubi

July 30 - August 16, 2021

Kansas City

Grant Kratzer is an artist and designer living and working in Kansas City under the name Cheatin' Snakes. Influenced by folk art and pop culture.

Cheatin' Snakes was born post graduation from Art Center in California. Their process begins with nostalgic research commonly including watching 90's wrestling and action movies, studying folk art and visual history by book, and then transforming those subjects into collectible art works.

Title: Deathmatch

A series of wood sculptures influenced by American folk art. Inspired by the idea of toys becoming collectibles, and pop culture serving as our own visual history. Deathmatch specifically references pairs of famous people known for being rivals or enemies.

Sasaku Kusuriyubi is a painter living in Japan. They draws landscape of the heart and animism as motifs. 

Born in the countryside overlooking the mountains and the sea, all the small life forms (insects, fish, and beasts) around me are always trying their best to live in a tense and savage world without criticizing each other. At some point, their existence became a symbol of freedom and equality in my mind, and they affirmed me as a living being. In my paintings, my theme is to depict their freedom through characterization.