Collection: The Infinite Well 2

September 6 - October 2, 2019

Curated by Tim Maclean of

The show title is a metaphorical nod to the deep reservoir of inspiration that artists draw from. Encompassing everything from feelings, emotions, dreams, relationships, memories, social events, cultures and history, the list of stimuli which can inspire and provide fodder for the imagination, stretches to infinity.

Simultaneously and literally speaking, a ‘well’, typically contains water, which symbolises life, and in the context of the act of creation, is very fitting indeed. Throughout history, as it was often located in the centre of a neighbourhood, the well also came to symbolise community, which neatly ties in with this show. Community provides excellent opportunities for everyone and facilitates the sharing of ideas and feelings, in turn generating connections and continued growth, something which this show is a testament to.


Allison Reimold / Amy Guidry / Andi Soto / Andrew Ghrist / Armando Veve / Bao Pham / Bayo / Bennett Slater / Bill Carman / Bill Mayer / Casey Weldon / Charlie Immer / Corinne Reid / David Seidman / Helice Wen / Jeannie Lynn Paske / Jon Ching / Kate O'Hara / Katie Gamb / Leegan Koo / Michele Melcher / Nathan Reidt / Phoenix Chan / Sam Wolfe Connelly / Sean Mahan / Thomas Ascott / Tobias Kwan / Wiley Wallace / Yusei Abe