Collection: Matt Schu: Windows

March 20 - April 11, 2021

Matt Schu
Portland, OR 

Matt Schu is an artist & illustrator based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Working most often with ink and gouache on paper, he is preoccupied with houses, trees, rocks, and cloudy skies. 

Title: Windows

The outside is at the threshold trying to come in, and it enters a room through the window like a picture hanging on the wall. But the window abstracts the world by flattening it. As a result of this limited view, my imagination fills in the gaps. With my brain doing most of the work, the world takes on the quality of a dream, and the barrier between my subconscious and reality erodes, if there ever was one. After a long time inside, I begin to feel like an indoor cat, inventing its own world with not much to work with.