Collection: Stella Im Hultberg Prints

Stella Im Hultberg is a Korean-American artist, originally born in Seoul, South Korea. She studied Industrial Design and worked as a product designer before moving into the art world in 2005. Im Hultberg’s paintings are conceived in varying combinations of ink, watercolour, and acrylic on paper, wood and canvas. Her portraits of women, rendered in easy, flowing lines with soft hues, are intended to transcend the typical critiques of feminine beauty inherent in today’s self conscious society. Her work is also a result of an in-depth study of traditional Korean culture and mythology, juxtaposed with the current world.

Hultberg originally studied Industrial Design at CSU, which naturally segued into work as a toy designer early on in her career. Work in the design industry serendipitously led to her building on her talents as an artist and a career as a self-taught painter soon followed. Having grown up in Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan, she has a diverse blend of cultural influences to pull from. She has worked with various galleries in the US and internationally over the past 19 years.