Nucleus Portland

Lily Seika Jones: Tails

Lily Seika Jones

Lily Seika Jones is a full-time artist/illustrator currently working out of Vancouver, Canada. She spends the majority of her time drinking tea indoors while creating highly detailed, whimsical watercolor and ink paintings, taking inspiration from her favourite childhood stories and mid-century illustrators, as well as the natural world of the Pacific Northwest. Lily is interested in how myths and fairytales shape our childhood and the world around us, and sees her art-making as an exploration of the significance of these stories as we grow up.


Even though this series is laid out like an art exhibit, I like to think of each of these works as the page of a book, beckoning you to lean in, take a sip of tea, and let your imagination wander.

March 19 - April 18, 2022

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