Collection: Bao Pham / Yuka Sakuma Solo

January 13 - February 8, 2018

Bao Pham

Title: Rumination

“Rumination” is a collection of drawings and paintings illustrating scenes of contemplation. The figure in my work are suspended between worlds, captured in that moment of being awake and dreaming, when the mind is free to wonder and create. The noise and clutter from the day are condensed into seeds that sprout into various forms of leaves, flowers, and insects. The complexity of the plants and flora are simplified into colors and forms that I can recognize and build on. They grow into and out of the figure to create flourishing gardens, suggesting that the mind is fertile ground for growth and renewal.

Title: The Eve Of Festival

The evening before the big festival, the eve of festival will be held, while the expectations and excitement for tomorrow are the highest.