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Brendan Monroe - Infinite Sea Rug

Brendan Monroe - Infinite Sea Rug

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Artist: Brendan Monroe
4 ft. H x 4 ft. W x 1/2 in. D
 Cotton and acrylic
Limited Edition of 135

Artist Description:

The rug design comes from a painting I did while on a memorable trip with Pow! Wow! Japan. Our group of friends and muralists stayed in a temple in Okayama while we painted on circular panels that we donated to the temple’s collection. I liked the idea of being near a fishing town, close to the end of the river leading to the sea. The image is from a place where one can look into the distance to the edge of visibility, but also keeping in mind that similar experiences are made in so many places around the world, in front of so many infinite seas.

Temple in Okayama photos *Does not depict size of actual rug

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