Nucleus Portland

Past Exhibitions

Kim Slate Solo: Ampersand

January 7 - 29, 2023

Opening Reception: January 7 / 4pm - 6pm

Kim Slate

Kim Slate is an artist and animator living in Portland, Oregon. She loves creating sculptures and illustrations depicting mischievous animals, with the goal of inspiring viewers to imagine their own stories about the characters. She studied animation at CalArts, and for the past fifteen years she has been working on animated feature films such as Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings and Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio. When not making art or animating, she enjoys trail running and exploring new places with her husband and two-year-old son.


Dadu Shin Solo: Here and There Again

*Held at the NEW Nucleus House Gallery Location:
1137 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

November 4 - 27, 2022

Opening Reception: Nov 4 / 5pm - 7pm

Dadu Shin

New York

Dadu Shin was born and raised in Massachusetts. After attending the Rhode Island School of Design(RISD), he moved to New York City and is now working as a freelance illustrator. He has worked for such clients as The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Plansponsor, and Simon & Schuster. 

Here and There Again

Power in Numbers 7: Postcard Show

October 1 - 17, 2022

Opening Reception: Oct 1 / 4pm - 7pm

Together with Gallery Nucleus LA, we are excited to present Power In Numbers 7. Since the first PIN in 2006, the show will continue to feature hundreds of artwork in a postcard format. Both galleries will have separate rosters. 

Purchasing artwork: first come first serve.

Each 5" x 7" original will be sold for $100
No previews or pre-sales. All sales are final.

Artwork will be available first in person at the reception:
October 1st from 4pm-7pm

Available at
October 2nd (TBA)


0073.uv / Absolute AmaAdam de SouzaAdam GirouxAdam SprottAdrian AmbrosioAgredaAitoyAlan MeleleAlbaBGAlejandro Casanova BarberánAlfonso de AndaAlvi RamirezAmos MalayaoAndrei SitariAndrew CadimaAngelika RasmusAnita SofiaApricot MayorAriel VittoriArmand GoxeAngela AnArtylitkaAuracherrybagAvaAzhimova AnastasiaBampshiBeci OrpinBerta ValloBetotl3000BTRFCECaitlyn KurilichCamille WhitcherCarolina T. GodinaCat JohnstonCatherine UngerCécile BerrubéChelsea O'ByrneChoimagoClara DanjouxCleonique HilsacaCoco GlezCogum3liCongmingConnie LimCreature CreatureCrimsoooDaifei / Dani SpickermannDaniela VolpariDaukantėDavid Le GoonDaviloriumDebbies GrahlDiego AndradeDiego FreyreDolle ÉtoileDominique RamseyDRAADrew ShannonEduardo VieiraEdwintarmEko ShinoharaEl Gato ChimneyElisa Escalera AguileraEllie vs BearEmil Friis ErnstEmilie Bach NielsenEmma CarlisleEmmanuelle WalkerEsther MoralesEsther TangErlend TaitEryn LougheedEunpyonFor NormalFredelleGabriel GomezGaia BordicchiaGemma RománGeorgie McAuslandGibrán Turóngillian3g / Giorgio SumiGrace ChoGraceina SamosirHamadarakaHans OloHaylee MoriceHeidirooHolly WarburtonHope DoeHortense MarianoHugo BeaurepereÍñigoItzel MichelIván MayorquínIvardi AhauIvonna BuenrostroIvyteasJames Lee Chiahan / Javier PajueloJen YoonJenn LivJenn Woodall / Jennifer AllnuttJennifer Wu / Jenny LøvlieJerry LiuJessica Fortner /Joanna ViheriaJohanna ForsterJohn Ed De VeraJomari T'leonJon FoxJuliaon RoelsJulian ArdilaKamila MlynarczykKaren ObuhanychKaren ShangguanKarl TrewhelaKatharine HenryKaysha SiemensKDBurnsyKelly SmithKhanh-Ngoc TranKima LenaghanKloodwigKoichameLaura Guglielmo / Lauren Degraaf / Laurina Paperina /  LIFOLilblueorchidLily Snowden-FineLindsay Gwinn ParkerLis XuLittle Paper ForestLizz McLorena Alvarez Gómez  / Luhan WangMadi HarperMadeline Kloepper / MallMalOjoMandy TsungManLuoManu MontoyaMaria MadelaireMaria NguyenMaria ParejaMariana NoronhaMarie-Eve ProteauMarjolaine RollerMartyna DamięckaMary KirkpatrickMax PrentisMegan DuMelcher OostermanMatteo BertonMichael CamarraMichael DandleyMomo SugimotoMoonMiguel PangMocculereMorten ThyholtMuxxiNatelle QuekNiña NillNovarayaOctopupzOwlyjulesPañitoParalilacParish CherryPaulette JoPaulo VillegasPerfectly PossessedPetra Frankova / Rachel CorcoranRachel FavelleRaf SarmentoRaúl PardoRenee NaultRenémesia Riccardo PagniRie KoizumiRomy AdzanRyo ShibataSarah DyerSarah WhangSayuri FujimakiScatterbeeSean LewisSena AdjoviSevenDeven / SGShee P. LiuSibylline MeynetSilvia BolognesiSIUKINSSooj MittonSophie LeullierSovereignSquid VishussStasya SherSteph C. / Tamerlan BekmurzayevThinh DinhThomas CampiThothTofublockTomaz MajorTrevor ShinTomohiro TakagiuniquelabVanessa MoralesVictoria GedvillasViizageVincent DockVioleta HernándezWastana HaikalWina ObakeWooden WaveYeaaah! StudioyearsofacademytrainingwastedYeye WellerYosi


Julian Callos Small Solo: Still

October 1 - 17, 2022

Opening Reception: Oct 1 / 4pm - 7pm


Julian Callos

Title: Still

“Still” is a reflection on feeling stuck in place and stuck in time. It is about coping in the face of an anxious present and an unpredictable future—“I’m still here”—and frustration at a lack of progress—“I’m still here?” It is about finding ways to grow and adapt despite being stuck in a seemingly endless cycle. It is also an acknowledgement of the things we keep close and the things we hide away in order to keep going.

Julian Callos is an illustrator and gallery artist based in Los Angeles. He graduated from Otis College of Art & Design in 2009 and has since worked with a diverse roster of clients that includes The New York Times, Scientific American, The New Republic, and Chipotle. His illustration work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and American Illustration, and his paintings have been exhibited in galleries across the US and abroad. Julian has explored a wide variety of subjects in his work, which can range from lighthearted takes on popular culture to darker, symbolism-filled narratives. He is continuously fascinated by nature, folklore, death, and the allure of the unknown.


Faunwood: Worlds Inside Us

September 9 - 25, 2022

Opening Reception: Sept 9 / 5pm - 7pm


Worlds Inside Us

Miranda Zimmerman is an artist and designer located in Eugene, Oregon. She uses inspiration from nature and her background in science to create intricate and dreamlike creatures. Her work invites the viewer to explore a world where the lines between science and fantasy are blurred (with plenty of video-game inspired cuteness along the way)!

Felicia Chiao Solo: We've Been Alone Since the Start

August 12 - September 4, 2022

Opening Reception: Aug 12th / 5pm - 8pm

Felicia Chiao

Felicia is an industrial designer by day and an illustrator at night. She is usually based in San Francisco, CA but travels often for work and can be found drawing at 2AM in any time zone. All of her work is done traditionally with Copic markers on brown toned paper.

Matt Schu Small Solo

July 22 - August 8, 2022

Opening Reception: July 22 / 5pm - 8pm

Matt Schu
Portland, Oregon

Matt Schu is an artist & illustrator based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Working most often with ink and gouache on paper, he is preoccupied with houses, trees, rocks, and cloudy skies.


Kerbi Urbanowski / Ben Houtkamp

July 22 - August 8 , 2022

Opening Reception: July 22 / 5pm - 8pm

Kerbi Urbanowski

Kerbi Urbanowski is a multidisciplinary artist who seeks to make the world more colorful, luminous, and interesting. Her process begins with deconstructing the human figure and trying to make sense of the pieces. She believes what happens by chance is more interesting than what happens intentionally, which is why she lets her materials' organic nature lead. When using stained glass, she likes to maintain the shapes the glass broke into naturally to guide her process. Her art practice is rooted in sustainability and minimizing art's eco-footprint by reconsidering what is usable. She believes art should be accessible to all, which is why she's worked to create an array of products at multiple price points. Kerbi was born in Chicago, Illinois, and currently resides in California's San Francisco Bay Area. She graduated with a BFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2012.

Ben Houtkamp

Ben Houtkamp is an artist working primarily with drawing and stained glass in Chicago, IL. With influences ranging from Chicago's Imagists to that of his father Frank Houtkamp who is also a stained glass artist, his work attempts to push outward at boundaries that have held leaded glass in a recognizable and traditional realm.

Jackie Brown & Jeffrey Sincich: 2-Person Solo

June 25 - July 17, 2022

Opening Reception: June 25 / 5pm - 8pm

Jackie Brown
San Francisco, CA

Title: Summa Things

Jackie Brown 
is a Filipino/Jamaican American creative based in San Francisco, California. With a BFA in Graphic Design, she works full-time as a Graphic Designer and spends her free time exploring mediums such as ceramics, painting, and post-it doodling. The subject matter of her work is influenced by her background and nostalgia.

Jeffrey Sincich
San Francisco, CA

Title: Free Estimates

Jeffrey Sincich (he/him, b. 1990) is an artist based in San Francisco, CA. He graduated from the University of Florida in 2012 with a BFA in ceramics and has co-run a sign painting company in Portland, OR since 2015. His work uses textiles and found objects to highlight everyday objects and scenes from his environment that often go unnoticed but deserve attention.

Salut! 7 Coaster Show

May 18 - June 12, 2022

Opening Reception: May 18 / 5pm - 8pm

Opening reception is sponsored by Rogue



What is the Salut Coaster Show?
In conjunction with Drink & Draw Society, our annual group show, Salut, will feature 1000+ artworks on display in the drink coaster format. This is a rare opportunity to affordably own original work by incredible artists!

When and where will the artwork be available to purchase?
At the opening reception at Nucleus Portland on Wednesday, May 18th from 5pm-8pm. First come, first served!

Artwork that is still available can be purchased online starting on May 19th at 12pm pst at (We appreciate your patience as it may take a few moments for all the pieces to appear online.)

*The gallery will be closed on Thursday, May 19th.

How much is each coaster?

Will items stay in my cart by the time I’m ready for checkout?
Items in your cart will NOT be reserved. It is possible that someone else will complete their transaction before you.

I got too excited and purchased the wrong coaster, can I get a refund?
No. All purchases are final. 

Do you offer international shipping?
Yes, however, UK orders are temporarily blocked.

Do you offer combined shipping or discounts on multiple orders?
No. With the amount of orders being placed during this show, combining orders could cause errors.

Can I request a preview or pre-sale?
Not for this show.

Got any tips?
• Do not wait, they sell quick!
• Look at the artist roster ahead of time (see below).
• Have your credit card info ready. We do not accept PayPal.

Can I view the show in person?
YES! We highly recommend seeing this show in person! It's spectacular :) Visit our IG profile for updated gallery hours. 

Is there an open call for artists?
This show is curated by gallery invitation only. 


A.C. EsguerraAaron Piland | Abigail Halpin | Absolute Ama | Alex Dos Diaz | Alex Kuno | Alina Chau | Amber Aki Huang | Amy Earles | Andi Soto | Andrea Kang | Andrew Cadima | Andrew Mar | Anuj Shrestha | April Elizabeth | Art and Such Evan | Art of Yayu | Authan Chen | Avantarded | Bagger43 | Barry Johnson | Bayo | Benz and ChangBernard Lee | Blake Jones | Brendan MulliganBrian HoldermanBryce Wymer | Candace McKay | Candie Bolton | Carly Janine Mazur | Caroline Choi | Cassey Kuo | Celia Jacobs | Cheatin Snakes | Chelsea Beck | Chelsea Blecha | Chloe Niclas | Chris Martin | Cleonique Hilsaca | Colin Verdi | D. Jeffrey | DanBob | Danny Miller | Danny Schwartz | Dasdrew | Deborah Lee | Defectivepudding | Diego Penuela | Dusty Ray | Edward Cao | Elevator Teeth | Eli McMullen | Elizabeth Jean Younce | Ellen Surrey | Ellie Ellis | Emil Konishi | Eric Michael Hancock | Erica Williams | Erick Martinez | Ethan Price | Eva Redamonti | Farel Dalrymple | Faunwood | Floriane Marchix | Fumi Nakamura | Gemma Correll | Gentle Thrills | Gizem Vural | Graham Franciose | Grey Chen | Habacuc S. Bessiake | Hannah Bess Ross | Harmony GongHarumo Sato | Haylee Morice | Heartslob | Heather Sundquist Hall | Heidiroo | Helen Mask | Helice Wen | Hermann Mejia | Hollie MengertIleana Soon | Isabel Samaras | Jackie Brown | Jackie Dunn SmithJacquelin de Leon | Jade Sturms | James LipnickasJames Thistlethwaite | Jamie Green | Jared Andrew Schorr | Jaya Nicely | Jeff McMillan | Jen Tong | Jennifer Davis | Jennifer Wang | Jenny Yu | Jess Phoenix | Jesse Simpson | Jessica Dalva | Jessica Roux | Jill De Haan | John F. Malta | John Rego | Joon the Goon | Jordan Goshe | Jordan Kay | Josey Tsao | Josh Minnich | Joshua Lawyer | JP Neang | Julian Callos | Julianna Brion | Julie Hang | Juliet Schreckinger | Justine Gilbuena | Justine Prebich | Karlotta FreierKat Terada | Kate Liu | Katherine Lam | Katie Gamb | Kaye Blegvad | Kekai Kotaki | Kelly Louise Judd |Kelly Sux | Kenichiro Chaffee | Kevin Jay Stanton | Kevin Sabo | Keyla Valerio | Kim Slate | Kimberli Johnson | Kodi Buiard | Krista Perry | Kristen SoleckiKristina Micotti | Kyle Fewell | Kyler Martz | Lachlan Herrick | Lawrence Hugh Burns | Lily Seika Jones | Liz Clayton Fuller | Lydia Nichols | MadebyEnger | Maggie Chiang | Marc Scheff | Mari Inukai | Marika Paz | Marika Tamura | Mariya Pilipenko | Mark Hoffmann | Martin Hsu | Mary O'Malley | Mary Syring | Matt Gordon | Matt Midgley | Matt Panuska | Matt Schu | Matthew Crumpton | Maya Fuji | Megan Buccere | Mellow Meadow | Mere Jossy | Michael Koehler | Michael York Gilreath | Mike Howat | Mike Lowery | Mike Schultz | Miranda Tacchia | Mizna Wada | MJ Lindo-Lawyer | Molly Mendoza | Mónico Chávez | MonQ | Nana Williams | NaoshiNatalia Cardona Puerta | Natalie Andrewson | Nellie Le | Nick Nazzaro | Nick Vargas | Nicole Duennebier | Nicole Xu | Nikolas Ilic | Niky Motekallem | Oliver Ono | Olivia Fields | Paper Puffin | Parakid | Patara | Patrick Mathews | Philipp Zurmöhle | Phoebe Zhong | Po Yan Leung | Rachell Sumpter | Rae Ritchie | Reiko Murakami | Reuben Negron | Ricardo Diseño | Rose Wong | Rowan Kingsbury | Ryan Harris | Sean Keeton | Sean Mahan | Shannon Taylor | Shelley Couvillion | ShinYeon Moon | Shoko Ishida | Skullbashhero | Song Kang | Sophia Franco | Stephanie DeAngelis | Steve Martinez | Steven Russell Black | Stevie Shao | Subin Yang | Susan Yung | Svetla Radivoeva | Tegan Bellitta | Teresa Grasseschi | The Obanoth | Tia Roxae | Tiffany Liu | Tiffany Pham | Tim Peacock | Tintist | Uijung KimV. Steiner | Vahe Yefremian | Vanessa Gillings | Victoria Orolfo | Vin Ganapathy | Vivian Le | VR Rivera | Wingchow | Wonder & Friends by Giorgiko | Yas Imamura | Yellena James | Yoshi Yoshitani | Yumiko Kayukawa | Yusei Abe | Yuuki Jia | Zach Mendoza | Zoe Persico


Lea Woo Print Solo

November 12 - December 4 , 2022

Opening Reception: Nov 12 / 4pm - 6pm


Lea Woo

Lea Woo is a Shanghai-based illustrator , having finished her master degree in Edinburgh College of Art, she now continues her art practice in China.Her works feature stylish Asian woman figures and nature in a subtle, moody and poetic vintage style. She enjoys using grey toned palette with lower color saturation and papery textures to bring viewers a sense of calmness, tranquility and nostalgic atmosphere.

Paulette Jo Small Solo: Ahipnia

April 28 - May 15, 2022

Paulette Jo


Paulette Jo is a figurative painter. They love to depict both duality and beauty through their work. Lately, they enjoy creating narrative through images and turning them into zines or mini books. Paulette Jo would love to explore and experiment with editorial design and printing in the future.

Title: Ahipnia

An unfathomable blue horizon that draws me in. I remained (stood?, perched?) inert, forming infinite paths—I did not recognize myself. There I found you, enveloped by a peculiar illusion, alien to monotony.


Eliza Ivanova Solo: Home Bird

April 22 - May 13 , 2022

Opening Reception: April 22 / 4pm - 7pm

Eliza Ivanova

Eliza Ivanova is an award-winning Bulgarian artist, animator, and filmmaker currently living and working in San Francisco. Her experience includes working for a decade as a full time 3D animator at Pixar Animation Studios on feature films and short films such as Cars 2, Brave, Monsters University, Inside Out, Coco, Toy Story of Terror, Bao, and also 2D animator on The Dam Keeper. She has published two books and participated in multi-artist publications as well. Eliza is working on personal animated films, some of which you can find in the animation section.

Title: Home Bird

Home Bird is about paying respect to the peace and quiet of the place and the people that kept me going while the world was falling apart.

Lily Seika Jones: Tails Solo

March 19 - April 18, 2022

Opening Reception: Mar 19 / 2pm - 5pm 


Lily Seika Jones
Vancouver, Canada


Lily Seika Jones is a full-time artist/illustrator currently working out of Vancouver, Canada. She spends the majority of her time drinking tea indoors while creating highly detailed, whimsical watercolor and ink paintings, taking inspiration from her favourite childhood stories and mid-century illustrators, as well as the natural world of the Pacific Northwest. Lily is interested in how myths and fairytales shape our childhood and the world around us, and sees her art-making as an exploration of the significance of these stories as we grow up.

Cat Johnston Small Solo: Specimens

March 19 - April 18, 2022

Opening Reception: Mar 19 / 2pm - 5pm

Cat Johnston
Portland, Oregon

Cat Johnston is an artist and illustrator, originally from the South West of England and currently living in Portland, Oregon. She is interested in folklore, horror, witchcraft, magic and nature. Usually somewhat humorous, often strange, her work is preoccupied with the idea of creating parallel worlds, populated by weird, glamorous and creepy creatures and plants. This is expressed in drawings and mixed media sculptures.

Title: Specimens

A series of paper plants and creatures, inspired by the flora and fauna of the West Coast.

Mizna Wada
Kowaii Club III: Neon

Febuary 11 - March 7, 2022

Gallery Opening: Feb 11 / 4pm - 7pm


Mizna Wada

Mizna Wada is a Japan-based illustrator. She was born in 1974 in Kumamoto, Japan. She materializes creepy and cute girls by using various techniques: Drawing, Painting, Paper cut, Print Gocco, Cloth Doll.

Kowaii Club 3: Neon

The spooky-cute theme is based on the coined word, "Kowaii" which is a combination of "Kowai" (spooky/scary) and "Kawaii" (cute). Mizna Wada will include a few fluorescent paintings in this exhibition.

Artwork will go online after the opening reception at Nucleus Portland. 
No previews will be offered for this exhibition.

Nicole Duennebier Solo: Feast

January 14  - February 7, 2022

Gallery Opening: Jan 14 / 4pm - 7pm

Nicole Duennebier

Nicole Duennebier received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Maine College of Art with a major in painting. Her BFA thesis work was most influenced by research into the coastal ecosystems of Maine. In 2006 she was awarded the Monhegan Island Artists Residency. On the island she continued her work with sea life, and perceived a natural connection between the darkness and intricacy of undersea regions and the aesthetic of 16th-century Dutch still-life painting.

In 2008 Duennebier moved to the Boston area, and now lives and works in Malden. She is a 2016 Massachusetts Cultural Council Painting Fellow and her work can be found in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and New Britain Museum of American Art. Writing about Bright Beast, her 2013 solo show at the Lilypad in Cambridge, Cate McQuaid of the Boston Globe said Duennebier’s “technical mastery gives the artist what she needs to seduce the viewer; the content lowers the boom.” Duennebier has also been featured in the Portland Press Herald, Art New England and Hi-Fructose Magazine, among other publications. Duennebier has worked alongside her sister Caitlin Duennebier for a number of collaborative exhibitions, most recently “Love Superior, a Death Supreme” at Simmons University. Earlier this year, she was featured in a solo exhibition, Pushing Painting, at the David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University.

Title: Feast

Through painting with attention to detail, I've become accustomed to the fact that nature itself, or anything living really, never totally allows you to have a perfectly idealized experience. Everything is constantly spewing, dripping, rotting a little. But there is an odd sumptuousness to textural attractions and repulsions co-mingling. I've always felt the dutch term "pronkstilleven" for ornate or ostentatious still life is synonymous with this feeling of strange attraction. Beyond vanitas paintings' more distinct moral symbols, the pronksilleven derives glamour equally from rot as it does golden riches and overflows with it. The irresistible nature of wasteful abundance. Everything heaved together, almost self-arranged into a glimmering feast.

three & Brett Stenson
2-Person Solo

December 17 - January 10, 2021

Gallery Opening: Dec 17 / 4 - 7pm


1986 Born in Japan “Three” is known for their sculptures made from melted PVC figures. 


Brett Stenson

Brett Stenson is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer, letterer, and haphazardly-ambitious craftsperson who specializes in simplistic illustration, busted folky letters and sculptural figures inspired by submersive experiences in the outdoors and our connection to the natural world. 

Lesley Barnes & Ross McAuley


December 17, 2021 - January 10, 2022

Gallery Opening: Dec 17 / 4pm - 7pm

Lesley Barnes & Ross McAuley
Glasgow, Scotland

Title: Bauhaus Ballet

These figures, made by Lesley Barnes and Ross McAuley, were inspired by the multifaceted German artist Oskar Schlemmer's 1922 Triadic Ballet. This 'Bauhaus Ballet' was a far cry from the delicate tutus and choreography of traditional ballet. The avant-garde performance consisted of three dancers, twelve movements and eighteen bold, sculptural costumes. His colourful geometric shapes playfully explored the relationship between the body and space by challenging and restricting the dancers.

The figures were first made to celebrate the release of Lesley's book, Bauhaus Ballet, a pop-up celebration of Oskar Schlemmer's work.

Our figures are handmade in Glasgow from beechwood. These all-new designs were produced especially for the exhibition at Nucleus Portland.

Cat Rabbit and
Lesley Barnes & Ross McAuley

October 21 - November 7, 2022

Opening Reception: Oct 21 / 5pm - 7pm

Cat Rabbit

Cat Rabbit is a textile artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. Using felt, recycled and vintage fabrics, Cat hand stitches plush sculptural works of her imagined characters and the worlds they might live in. Her work translates to many formats — from children’s books to large scale felt installations to magazine editorials — always with the aim of bringing softness and warmth to the viewer.

A Frog Fable


Lesley Barnes
 & Ross McAuley


Lesley Barnes and Ross McAuley are visual artists from Glasgow.

Music from the Moon

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