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Kristin Kwan Solo Show



Kristin Kwan
Lincoln, Nebraska

Kristin Kwan is an artist who makes illustrative paintings and drawings. She is interested in images from myths and shared stories and the way they collect layers of meaning over time. In her work she uses elements of fantasy and allegory to explore themes of life, death, and rebirth. She lives with her husband, daughter, and many pets.



Alyssa Mees Trautz Mini Solo




Alyssa Mees
Southern California

Alyssa Mees Trautz is a graphic designer, painter, and illustrator based in Southern California. Throughout over 15 years of creating visual art, she has drawn inspiration from her fascination with animals, nature, and street art. She strives to learn, explore, and grow with each piece she creates. Alyssa comes from a creative family of painters, a tattoo artist, a baker and a musician. She began to embrace art late in her high school years when her favorite teacher encouraged her to keep painting. She works as a full time graphic designer and paints in the evenings and on the weekends. When she isnt working, Alyssa enjoys cooking, eating, and spending time with her husband and dog.


Microdose 3

AUGUST 20 - SEPTEMBER 13, 2021


In a culture that often puts emphasis on getting all things bigger or in large amounts beholds a surprising truth that an emotion or physiological reaction can come from something so tiny. 

Alfred Liu
Amy Earles
Andrea Soto
Bernard Lee
Cristina Bencina
Das Drew
Diego Penuela
Eli McMullen
Ellen Surrey
Jessica Tang
JP Neang
Juliet Schreckinger
Kayla Carlson
Kevan Hom
Kozy Kitchens
Lia Tin
Lily Seika Jones
Liz Clayton Fuller
Matt Schu
Patrick Mathews
Po Yan Leung
Samantha Mash
Svetla Radivoeva
Tegan Bellitta
The Obanath
Yumi Yamazaki

No previews/pre-sales for this show.


Grant Kratzer & Sasaku Kusuriyubi 2-Person Solo

JULY 30 - AUGUST 16, 2021


Kansas City

Grant Kratzer is an artist and designer living and working in Kansas City under the name Cheatin' Snakes. Influenced by folk art and pop culture.

Cheatin' Snakes was born post graduation from Art Center in California. Their process begins with nostalgic research commonly including watching 90's wrestling and action movies, studying folk art and visual history by book, and then transforming those subjects into collectible art works.


A series of wood sculptures influenced by American folk art. Inspired by the idea of toys becoming collectibles, and pop culture serving as our own visual history. Deathmatch specifically references pairs of famous people known for being rivals or enemies.


Sasaku Kusuriyubi is a painter living in Japan. They draws landscape of the heart and animism as motifs. 

Born in the countryside overlooking the mountains and the sea, all the small life forms (insects, fish, and beasts) around me are always trying their best to live in a tense and savage world without criticizing each other. At some point, their existence became a symbol of freedom and equality in my mind, and they affirmed me as a living being. In my paintings, my theme is to depict their freedom through characterization.


Davor Gromilović Solo &
Dadu Shin Small Show

JULY 9 - 26, 2021


Davor Gromilović

Sombor, Serbia

Davor Gromilovic is a visual artist currently residing in Sombor, Serbia (born in Yugoslavia, 1985). Although contemporary drawing represents the primary field of his creative exploration and development, he also shows creative abilities and genuine commitment to other artistic forms such as painting, illustration, graphics, murals, art fanzines, etc. His work is narrative and often inspired by fantastic motives of fairy tales, folk-art, pop surrealism, sci-fi, and even by north renaissance masters of painting, as well as by his personal experiences and inner world. In his work one notices a dominant use of symbols, his inner world and complex reflections from which he develops ideas and specific intimate aesthetics. Complex, but at the same time purified, strongly imaginative but well-thought-out works adorn this artist’s rich oeuvre.

Solo Show:
New Hope: Wicked Future

New Hope: Wicked Future features artwork that portrays fantastic scenes, mixing influences and moods with both a sense of wonder and danger. Different places and moments of the same surreal world that are filled with fantasy. The narrative involves different stories with mixed in references of sci-fi movies to Renaissance paintings, fairy tales, and the world of fantasy. 



Dadu Shin
New York

Dadu Shin is an artist living and working in Brooklyn NY. While he really likes making pictures and looking at pictures, his real dream is to grow a foot taller and become a professional basketball player.

 Small Show:
Here and There

Contact for request a show preview:



JUNE 13 - JULY 5, 2021


1524 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

Our annual exhibition is titled Salut, a friendly expression used amongst companions before having a drink. In conjunction with our Drink & Draw Society, original artwork on coaster format will be on display in the gallery.  


When and where will the artwork be available to purchase?
CDC continues to recommend that large gatherings be avoided, so this year we will have a virtual opening onlineSunday, June 13th at 10:00 am PST at


What is the cost of each coaster?
$65, each an original work of art!


Will items stay in my cart by the time I’m ready for checkout?
Your cart will NOT be reserved. It is possible for someone else to complete their order before you.


Do you ship internationally?
Yes, however, UK orders are temporarily blocked.


Do you offer combined shipping or discounts on multiple orders?
No. With the amount of orders being placed during this show, combining orders could cause errors. 

Can I request a preview or pre-sale?
Not for this show.


Got any tips?
Research our artist roster ahead of time (see below). Have your credit card info ready, they go quick! Good luck and have fun!


Is this exhibition open to the public?
Yes, we would love for you to see the artwork in person! To avoid large crowds, the gallery will be closed on opening day. There will be many opportunities to view the show. Please check our IG profile for updated gallery hours. 

Do you accept open call for artists?
This show is curated by gallery invitation only. Almost all of the artist participants are based in the U.S.


A.C Esguerra  / Aaron Piland / Abigail Halpin / Adam Dix / Adrian Kay Wong / Alex Kuno / Alina Chau / Alyssa Mees / Amandalynn / Amber Aki Huang / Amy Earles / Andrea Guzzetta / Andrea Kang / Andi Soto / Andrew Ghrist / Andrew Mar / Dasdrew / Angela Sung / April Elizabeth / Aria Fawn / Illo Irro / Missupacey / Bao Pham / Becca Fuhrman / Bernard Lee / Braeden Cox / Brian Serway / Brooks Salzwedel / Bryce Wymer / Cahill Wessel / Baomii / Camilo Castro / Candie Bolton / Candace McKay / Carly Janine Mazur / Caroline Choi / Cassey Kuo / Celia Jacobs / Chad Pierce / Chelsea Blecha / Chris Uphues / Defectivepudding / Wingchow / Cleonique Hilsaca / Colin Verdi / Corinne Reid / Cristina Bencina / D. Jeffrey / Danny Schwartz / Deborah Lee / Bagger43 / Diego Penulea / Dusty Ray / Bayo / Edward Cao / Eli McMullen / Ellen Surrey / Ellie Norton / Emil Konishi / Emily Neilson / Emily Pettigrew / Skullbashhero / Eric Hancock / Erick Martinez / Erin Shin / Ethan Castillo / Eva Redamonti / Art and such Evan / Farel Dalrymple / Felicia Chiao / Floriane Marchix / Frank Gonzales / Fumi Nakamura / Gabby Zapata / Gemma Correll / Alex Dos Diaz / Gizem Vural / Grey Chen / Grace Kum / Graham Franciose / Graham Yarrington / Haejin Park / The Obanoth / Harmony Gong / Heather Sundquist Hall / Tintist / Heidiroo / Helen Mask / Helice Wen / Hermann Mejia / Hollie Mengert / Ieana Soon / Isabel Samaras / Ivan Montoya / Jackie Brown / Jackie Dunn Smith / Jackson Dryden  / James Lipnickas / James Thistlethwaite / Jamie Green / Jared Andrew Schorr / Jason Levesque / Jason Mowry / Jeannie Lynn Paske / Jeff McMillan / Jeffrey Sincich / Jennifer Davis / Jen Tong / Jennifer Wang / Sleepy Jess / Jesse Simpson / Jessica Dalva / Jessica Hong / Jessica Roux / Jialun Deng / MadebyEnger / John F. Malta / Joon the Goon / Jordan Kay / Josey Tsao / Josh Minnich / Joshua Lawyer / JP Neang / Julian Callos / Julianna Brion / Julie Hang / Juliet Schreckinger / Justine Prebich / Karen Kuo / Kat Terada / Katherine Lam / Kathleen Neeley / Katie Gamb / Kenard PakPaper Puffin / Keith Negley / Kekai Kotaki / Kelly Louise Judd / Kelly Lu / Kelsey Buzzell / Kevan Hom / Kevin Jay Stanton / Keyla Valerio / Kim Slate / Kimberli Johnson / Tinydaggersart / Kourtney Jossy / Krista Perry / Kristen SoleckiKristin Kwan / Kyle Fewell / MonQ / Lachlan Herrick / Loe Lee / Lawrence Hugh Burns / Lia Tin / Lily Jones / Lindsay Stripling / Lisa Kogawa / Liz Clayton Fuller / Louie Chin / Louis Sandoval / Lydia Nichols / Malisa Suchanya / Mari Inukai / Marika Paz / Marisa Aragón Ware / Mariya Pilipenko / Mark Hoffmann / Mary O' Malley / Mary Syring / Matt Byle / Matt Gordon / Matt MidgleyMatt Schu / Matthew Crumpton / Megan Buccere / Tweedlebop / Michael York Gilreath / Mike Bennett / Mike Egan / Mike Howat / Mike Lowery / Mike Schultz / Minnie Phan / Miranda Tacchia / Mizna Wada / MJ Lindo-Lawyer / Molly Egan / Molly Mendoza / Mónico Chávez / 1-L / Nana Williams / Naoshi / Naomi BakerNatalia Cardona Puerta / Natalie Andrewson / Natalie Hall / Lillipore / Nate Otto / Nick Nazzaro / Nick Vargas / Nicole Duennebier / Nicole Salgar / Nikolas Ilic / Btrfce / Oliver Akuin / Olivia Beelby / Olivia Fields / Pace Taylor / Patara / Patrick Hruby / Patrick Mathews / Peter Adamyan / Phoebe Zhong / Po Yan Leung / Rachel Elese / Reiko Murakami / Reuben Negron / Ricky De Los Angeles / Rose Wong / Rowan Kingsbury / Ryan Bartlett / Niky Motekallem / Sam Alden / Sam Kalda / Samantha Mash / Sarah Kieley / Savanna Judd / Sean Keeton / Sean Mahan / Shannon Taylor / Shelley Couvillion / Shihori Nakayama / ShinYeon Moon / Shoko Ishida / Song Kang / Steve Martinez / Steve Sandoval / Steven Russell Black / Subin Yang / Svetla Radivoeva / Tegan Belitta / Teresa GrasseschiTim Peacock / Tim Doyle / Art of Yayu / Juliette Toma / Avantarded / Vanessa Gillings / VR Rivera / Vasilisa Romanenko / Victoria Orolfo / Vin Ganapathy / Violet ReedYas Imamura / Yohey Horishita / Yoshi Yoshitani / Yumi Yamazaki / Yumiko Kayukawa / Yuuki Jia / Yusei Abe / Zach Mendoza / Zach Meyer / Zachary Oldenkamp / Zoe Hawk / Zoe Persico 


Maxwell McMaster Solo

JUNE 5 - JUNE 21, 2021


Maxwell McMaster
Los Angeles, California

Maxwell McMaster is a Los Angeles based multidisciplinary artist/designer. His work is primarily a reaction to his surrounding environment, or a reflection of past experiences.  Maxwell explores a wide range of styles and techniques within his work, allowing the concepts to dictate the aesthetic.


Gizem Vural & Bijou Karman
2-Person Solo

MAY 8 - 31, 2021


Gizem Vural
New York

Gizem Vural is an award-winning illustrator based in New York. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey and she studied graphic design at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts between 2006-2012. After dropping out in 2012 she moved to New York to pursue becoming an illustrator. Since then she worked with many big publications like The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Atlantic. Her colorful work is recognized by prestigious American Illustration and she is holding three medals from Society of Illustrators. In 2018 she took a break from drawing for editorial pieces and focused on creating abstract work on paper with colored pencils for galleries. But now she is back working with publishers again.


Bijou Karman

Los Angeles

Bijou Karman is an artist and illustrator from Los Angeles. She graduated with Distinction from Art Center College of Design in 2014.  As an illustrator she has worked with clients such as Harper's Bazaar, The Los Angeles Times, and Rihanna.  Her paintings are inspired by unique women, nostalgia, flora, and the California landscape.  In this body of work, fashion becomes a way to express the distinct personalities of her subjects. 


Felicia Chiao Solo

MAY 15 - JUNE 6, 2021


Felicia Chiao
San Francisco, California

Felicia is an industrial designer by day and an illustrator at night. She is usually based in San Francisco, CA but travels often for work and can be found drawing at 2AM in any time zone. All of her work is done traditionally with Copic markers on brown toned paper.

*Held at the NEW Gallery Location:
1524 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211


Ellen Surrey Solo

APRIL 17 - MAY 9, 2021


Ellen Surrey
Los Angeles, California

Ellen is an illustrator & designer who's not afraid of using color in her charming illustrations. She draws inspiration from Mid-Century design and vintage treasures-- Finding the beauty from the past and incorporating it into her work.

*Held at the NEW Gallery Location:
1524 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211


Teagan White Solo: Things As They Are & As They Could Be

APRIL 10 - MAY 3, 2021


Teagan White
Portland, Oregon

Teagan White is an artist and outsider naturalist devoted to the flora and fauna of a planet in decline. Their delicate gouache and watercolor paintings and intricate line drawings lament the fraught relationship between humans and the rest of the Earth, and explore the tenderness and brutality that coexist in all of Nature. Teagan’s work is influenced by years of living in the bleak Midwest and Great Lakes region, burying roadkill, traveling by bike, and working with wildlife. They recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest, where savage coasts lined with dead seabirds and mossy old growth forests are creeping into their paintings.

*Held at the NEW Gallery Location:
1445 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

Windows: Matt Schu Solo

MARCH 20 - APRIL 11, 2021


Matt Schu
Portland, Oregon

Matt Schu is an artist & illustrator based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Working most often with ink and gouache on paper, he is preoccupied with houses, trees, rocks, and cloudy skies.


The outside is at the threshold trying to come in, and it enters a room through the window like a picture hanging on the wall. But the window abstracts the world by flattening it. As a result of this limited view, my imagination fills in the gaps. With my brain doing most of the work, the world takes on the quality of a dream, and the barrier between my subconscious and reality erodes, if there ever was one. After a long time inside, I begin to feel like an indoor cat, inventing its own world with not much to work with

*Held at the NEW Gallery Location:
1524 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211


Hidden: Lily Seika Jones Solo

MARCH 13 - APRIL 5, 2021


Lily Seika Jones
Vancouver, Canada


Lily Seika Jones is a full-time artist/illustrator currently working out of Vancouver, Canada. She spends the majority of her time drinking tea indoors while creating highly detailed, whimsical watercolor and ink paintings, taking inspiration from her favourite childhood stories and mid-century illustrators, as well as the natural world of the Pacific Northwest. Lily is interested in how myths and fairytales shape our childhood and the world around us, and sees her art-making as an exploration of the significance of these stories as we grow up.


I love stumbling upon things that seem meant to remain hidden. When I was young I saved a small vole from my cats and released it back into nature - and I like to think he went on to have many more little adventures. There’s something  really... encouraging in seeing these small, seemingly defenceless characters venturing out into a world bigger than they realize, which is why I find myself always drawn back to illustrating them. I think you can find all sorts of hidden stories in the smallest spaces. The pieces in this show are my attempts to illustrate that, and offer a glimpse of what magic still remains in the nooks and crannies of the world.



Faunwood Solo
Alfred Liu Mini Show

FEBRUARY 13 - MARCH 8, 2021

1PM - 4PM



Miranda Zimmerman is an artist and designer located in Eugene, Oregon. She uses inspiration from nature and her background in science to create intricate and dreamlike creatures. Her work invites the viewer to explore a world where the lines between science and fantasy are blurred (with plenty of video-game inspired cuteness along the way)!


The Lost Field Guide

“The Lost Field Guide” is a collection of fantasy creatures and places inspired by the natural world around us. While beautiful, resilient, and colorful, our planet Earth can also be ruthless and unforgiving. Still, even the darkest trenches and harshest chemicals can sustain an abundance of life! These pieces are informed by the incredible diversity we see in nature (given that we continue to take care of it), and offer a fictional interpretation of the biological illustrations from previous generations.


“Growing up with my Grandmother she embedded in me a love for Chinese history,mythology and culture.Growing up in Australia has shaped who I am, When I paint and draw all my colors and ideas are rooted in my surroundings, no matter where I go this is my home...”

Fantasy and sci-fi has always been and still is an important part of my life, the stories have taken me places that are beyond this world, it has been wonderful, frightening and exciting!”

The Little Journey

One Dwarf rabbit’s quest to search for his father, who went missing looking for the sacred book of the Karzeleks in the depths of the Abyss.

Kowaii Club - Mizna Wada & Friends



Mizna Wada

Nucleus is excited to present Mizna Wada's solo exhibition + group show, KOWAII CLUB. The spooky-cute theme is based on the coined word, "Kowaii" which is a combination of "Kowai" (spooky/scary) and "Kawaii" (cute). 



 The show will go online on January 16th at 6pm.

Jesus Benitezf Print Solo

FEBURARY 27 - MARCH 15, 2021


Jesus Benitezf

A visual artist from Mexico City, Jesus’ work is focused on the creation of characters and illustration. He has dabbled in different disciplines such as painting, mural, traditional animation, graffiti, sculpture and installation. A recurring theme in his work is science fiction and cosmic horror. To this day, his work has been in various group exhibitions at the national and international level, alongside designers, visual artists, illustrators and muralists from around the world.

*Held at the NEW Gallery Location:
1524 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

Sasha Ira Small Solo

AUGUST 20 - SEPTEMBER 13, 2021


 Sasha Ira 

Small Solo:
A Quiet Disposition

Artist Sasha Ira is best known for her eye-catching portraits of emotional female sitters suspended in sensual and intimate moments of solitude and contemplation. A self taught artist, Ira works primarily in oil painting and drawing. Working in layers of gestural paint applications combined with areas of rendered detail, with her graphite work executed with a more refined and detailed approach. She currently lives and works outside the Chicago area. 

Perry Dixon Maple Print Solo Exhibition

Dec 19, 2020 – Jan 13, 2021

Gallery opening: Dec 19 / 12pm-4pm


Los Angeles

Perry Dixon Maple is an artist and storyteller located in California. He is an Art Director and Artist on many feature animated films in Los Angeles. All work exhibited here are from Perry's own stories and are small quiet glimpses into a larger world.


Dec 11, 2020 – Jan 13, 2021

Gallery opening: Dec 11th (5pm-8pm)



Lim Qi Xuan is a 27-going-28 year old sculptor, better known by her moniker, QimmyShimmy. She works as a designer by day and an artist by nightfall, fuelling her two passions with caffeine and even bigger dreams.

Her miniature sculptures, which are described by many as "creepy-cute", fuse two worlds of the real and the imagined, treading between the fine lines of horror and beauty. Her aesthetic sensibilities have been shaped by her love for fantasy stories, old curiosities, time-travel and a yearning for worlds natural and make-believe.

QimmyShimmy's works have been showcased in galleries around the world, in cities like New York, London, Milan and Hong Kong. She is currently based in Singapore.



1986 Born in Japan “Three” is known for their sculptures made from melted PVC figures. 


Microdose 2

November 8 – December 1, 2020

Gallery Opening: Nov. 8 / 12 - 4 PM

In a culture that often puts emphasis on getting all things bigger or in large amounts beholds a surprising truth that an emotion or physiological reaction can come from something so tiny. 

Each original piece in this exhibition is no larger than 2.5 inches.

 Dos Diaz 
Alfred Liu
Alyssa Mees
Andrew Ghrist
Art of Miso
Audra Auclair
Bernard Lee
Colin Verdi
Corinne Reid
Dave Cooper
Diego Penuela
Eli McMullen
Erik Mark Sandberg
Felicia Chiao
Huntz Liu
Jenny Yu
Jessica So Ren Tang
JP Neang
Kelly Lu
Kelsey Buzzell
Kenard Pak
Kevan Hom
Kristin Kwan
Matt Schu
Michael York Gilreath
Niky Motekallem
Oliver Hibert
Paper Puffin
Svetla Radivoeva
Vanessa Gillings
Vasilisa Romanenko
Yumi Yamazaki

No online previews or pre-sales for this exhibition. 
Artwork will go online after the gallery opening. 


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