Collection: Jesus Benitezf Print Solo 2023

*Held at the Nucleus House Gallery Location: 1137 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211 

December 1 - 23, 2023 

Jesus Benitezf (Mexico) 


He lives and works in Mexico City. Science fiction and cosmic horror is a recurring theme in his work. Currently his work is more focused on character design, this has led him since 2019 to work as a freelancer for different animation studios such as The Line, Rudo and Basa. Among others. Today he concentrates on working as a director, curator and character designer for different animation projects. In parallel, he works on his project Nuclear Creatures, a clothing brand that started in 2019. Recently he participated in the collective exhibition "Teletransportation" at the aa Kabutocho gallery in Tokyo. He has been published in Popeye Magazine (Japan) and participated with an animation for the Ombra Festival (Barcelona) He has carried out mural projects and art exhibitions throughout the Mexican Republic and internationally: Hamburg, Rabat, Barcelona, San Francisco, Detroit, Tokyo, Valparaíso, Lima and Bogota. JB previously used another pseudonym for 15 years with which he developed a science fiction project related to the cordyceps fungus, curiously later something similar was developed in the project The Last of Us.