Collection: Lily Seika Jones: Daydream

March 6 - April 1

Lily Seika Jones
Seattle, Washington

Title: Daydream

My approach for this show was to spend less time thinking and more time dreaming. I have always drawn inspiration for my work from mythology, literature, and the natural world, but I find that i sometimes get so caught up in collecting ideas and developing them prematurely that I never give them time to run free on the page and surprise me. So this time around, I approached each piece in the spirit of someone who zones out during lecture and begins doodling in the margins absentmindedly. I like to think each of these paintings exists in that space between waking and sleeping, and that inspiration from the visible and invisible world have managed to seep in. 

Lily Seika Jones is a full-time artist/illustrator currently based in Seattle, Washington. She spends the majority of her time drinking tea indoors while creating highly detailed, whimsical watercolor and ink paintings, taking inspiration from her favourite childhood stories and mid-century illustrators, as well as the natural world of the Pacific Northwest. She graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2014 majoring in Literature, Fine Arts, and Education. Since then, she has been freelancing and running Rivulet Paper Shop on Etsy. Lily is interested in how myths and fairytales shape our childhood and the world around us, and sees her art-making as an exploration of the significance of these stories as we grow up.