Collection: Teagan White / Aj Frena / Fumi Mini Nakamura

July 6 - August 1, 2018

Teagan White

Artist Bio:

Teagan White is an artist and illustrator specializing in intricate paintings of flora and fauna. Her work depicts nature's subtle, gentle reciprocity and wild, tragic discord through muted colors, ornamental layouts, and meticulous detail.  Teagan lives in Minneapolis with a cat named Bug and a taxidermy goose, and spends her time riding bikes, trying to be friends with seagulls, holding unexpected animal funerals, volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center, reading tarot cards, and vanishing into the woods.

Aj Frena
Pittsburgh, PA

Artist Bio:

AJ Frena is an illustrator from Texas who studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. AJ currently lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA with a lucky black cat and a lazy border collie.

Fumi Mini Nakamura
New York  

Artist Bio:

b.1984, Currently live/works in New York City area.