Collection: Kevin Sabo

July 8 - 30, 2023

Kevin Sabo

Kevin Sabo is a painter (b. 1992) in Virginia Beach, VA (USA) and currently based in Richmond, VA (USA). He trained and studied art throughout his youth and graduated with a BFA in Studio Art from James Madison University in 2015. His paintings are typically multi-media - acrylic, ink, spray, collage work that is largely based around the figure, often playing with character and fashion. Themes of queer identity, satire, existential revelations can be spotted throughout his expressive work. Sabo describes his paintings as large sketches, as they are never pre-determined ahead of the end result.

The characters featured in Kevin Sabo’s extensive collection of works are sassy, crude, and fantastical, seeming to occupy some place between frightening and friendly. Sabo’s characteristic style, an otherworldly blend of colors and textures, presents as a weird and slutty pop culture-driven alternative universe.