Nucleus Portland


March 6 - April 1

Group exhibition

 In a super sized culture that often puts emphasis on getting all things bigger or in large amounts beholds a surprising truth that an emotion or physiological reaction can come from something so tiny. While psychedelics are commonly connected with the term Microdose, the title does not suggest the theme or specific colors — it is to be interpreted by the artist. The intent is to create small artwork as a visual dosage.


Alfred Liu / Amy Earles Audra Auclair / Brooks Salzwedel / Colin Frangicetto Erick Martinez Evan Lorenzen / Felicia Chiao / Graham Yarrington Jason Limon / JP Neang / Karla Pereira / Katie Gamb / Kristina Collantes Laura Berger Lorraine Loots / Meadow and Fawn / Natalie Erickson Oliver Hibert Shoko Ishida / Tegan Bellitta

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