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J.A.W. Cooper - GILT Book

J.A.W. Cooper - GILT Book

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-Hardcover Edition
-ISBN: 978-1-64041-074-9
-9 x 12”
-176 pages
-Printed on 170 gsm silk paper
-Twenty artworks are enhanced with a gold spot color
-Includes over 155 drawings and paintings

This publication is the fifth collection of drawings and paintings by the illustrator and fine artist J.A.W. Cooper. It documents Cooper’s personal struggle through guilt, mourning and, finally, acceptance as the artist lost and then refound a love for their craft after taking a two-year hiatus. Through imagery revolving around the cycles of life and death, seasons, joy and pain, Cooper explores the relationship between making art and an unhealthy reliance on it for self-worth and identity. Cooper discovered that art is the result of one’s experiences on this earth and not the reason for them. This awareness fueled experiments with various media, psychologically driven concepts, and a love of animals and nature—all of which continue to typify Cooper’s work in their newest body of work.

This collection highlights the artist’s latest works plus a sampling of older, unpublished pieces not included in previous volumes. Works from Cooper’s 2021 solo show “Gilt” at Gallery Nucleus, are gathered here along with some that were featured in the 2023 solo show “Curious” at the same gallery.

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